a real dating fail

I knew better. Or did I?

Well, he lasted 5 days. I knew it was unlikely he would suddenly change his behavior, but I did have hope there would continue to be progress. After all, he said our date last week that he wanted to see more of me, and that he’d try to be more communicative. But yet, another dating fail.

But really, what kind of person says that, and hears someone say “look I get that you’re busy but all I’m asking for right now is that you don’t ignore my texts, and just 5 days later does exactly that?

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Am I really that forgettable? How not to get a second date.

You may recall my story of my second first-date last week. I called him Mr Checklist. I thought it was a great first date, even if I didn’t get a chance to see how he kissed.

After our date I sent him a thank you and wished him well on his long drive home. He responded he would home shortly. That was Tuesday.

Friday night, in the midst of drinking, hanging out, and talking about my dates with Hy Jones, I realized I hadn’t responded back to his email. “Shit!” I thought – perhaps he thinks I’m not interested.

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Why I didn't get a good sleep on Thursday night

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