A wee rant about cancelling.

Sometimes, I wonder if men really understand why cancelling last minute is super annoying for women.

The plumber and I have now had two nights where we’ve made plans, and he’s cancelled both at the last minute. I have Liam for an extended period of time, so if he wants to see me, it has to be at my place for a drink after Liam is asleep.

I suppose 9:15 pm is late for someone who starts work at 6am, but I’m in the camp of “don’t make plans if you can’t follow through.” Continue reading

Doug the sailor is being set adrift

I don’t regret many of the men I’ve had sex with. Certainly not that many in the last three years; just one. Unfortunately I have to add Doug to the list, I’m afraid. It’s not a strong regret but simply – it was sex I could have done without.

Doug is being set adrift.

After our first date, I knew there wasn’t long-term potential. There were too many divergent interests, attitudes, and behaviors. But he was fun and I could see perhaps spending a few rowdy nights hanging out on his boat.  Continue reading

#14 Puts a smile on my face.

I mentioned the symphony date on my last post. #14 and I haven’t been texting since we made our date, but this morning I woke up to this:

Good morning sexy. Not sure how much a man is supposed to confess in states of arousal. But at the risk of being inappropriate…

I know you mentioned some relationship pains. Hope you’re coping well as can be hoped. 

That said, I must share that I have been finding myself if various states of arousal thinking of you. Happy to be your distraction if you so choose. I suggest you wear some sexy heels and underwear for our eve. I have been battling many sensual images sitting next to you at the symphony. Waking up early and aroused and enjoying the temptation of pleasing myself without release. Letting the sexual tension build with daily images of my mouth, lips and tongue on your wet lips. 

Happy Thursday. 


Wow. I think (and told him) that it probably the best good morning text message I’ve ever received.

My brain is circling around thoughts of sexual power, vulnerability, objectification, and promiscuity. I’m not sure where it’s going to land, but the past week has got me thinking.

I'm chillin', but wonder if I'm crazy…is this different?

It’s been three weeks since Tony and I reconnected over dinner.

I chose to do a fair amount of mental processing before I decided to treat him as something other than a temporary physical distraction. It did help, even if it’s painful for some of you to watch it via my posts.

My resolution is to not over think things constantly. To focus on what I have other than Tony and any men on the periphery (which amounts solely to Jason and a couple others who text occasionally; it’s sex-club-only interests which I’m not acting on). And with Tony, to enjoy what I get from him – which is companionship and passion.

It’s taken me a few days but I’ve presently worked any anxiety out of my system. Continue reading

Selfie Sunday | Trying to master morning pics

Nobody complains when I post pictures like this. I’m putting this up because I liked the shot and think I’m getting a little better at these, thanks to the hands on coaching I got from my friend Hy.

And there’s no bruising visible to make anyone worry.


Wherein I make the next move and uncover what’s in his pants.

With the early morning text exchange with Lewis, I felt optimism. A nice feeling, for a change. He was flirty and sexy without being crass. I liked it.

We texted off and on throughout the day, sharing some jokes along the way. I’d been busy at work with the new role – finally – and it helped me to not worry about whether a few hours had passed without my hearing from him.

Our first date was Monday night. Through Wednesday morning, we exchanged relatively steady, if infrequent, text messages. He wasn’t as consistent as the school teacher, but he’s definitely not a bad texter.

I started to realize my schedule was conspiring against me. I also started to wonder whether he was going to ask me out again. Continue reading

Selfie Sunday | Wherein I learned from the master

Last Sunday morning, I was in Hy‘s living room as she ordered me around:

Stick your ass out.

Move away from the candle.

Don’t hold the phone that way.

Twist to the right. More!

Lower, that’s nice.

Take shots constantly! Continue reading

A unicorn walks into a swingers club…4

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

I went to my locker to get changed. Not into the dress and heels I brought, but a dress – if you could call it that – given to me by someone at the club. It was essentially a bunch of string woven into a cool and very revealing pattern.

While I am definitely into sex, and feeling sexy, I have never been one to wear anything particularly revealing or what could be called slutty. This “dress” was the epitome of slutty. And I mean that in a very positive way.

So getting dressed was a rather quick affair. Arrange the outfit over my body. Ignore my underwear and shoes. Leave. Continue reading

An all-around great date, which is still making me smile.

Ah, date night. Finally.

Mark of Exile on Pain Street (now freshly pressed, no less!) reminded me again that I should not feel compelled to write every day.  He’s right, of course, but I like to do it. Although I now give myself permission to skip a day if there’s nothing I have to say. It just doesn’t happen all that often.

Despite some assertions that the anticipation of an event is greater than the event itself, that wasn’t the case with my date on Friday night. It had been over a month since our adults-only overnight date.

Tony arrived at my place around 6:30pm. We had dinner reservations for 7pm at my favorite Italian restaurant; a 3 minute walk from my house. I have a few dates there (Jason, NIM, Johnny, and others), and the proprietors are lovely to me. My son declares it the best pizza he’s ever had. Continue reading

The best sex yet was with my kid downstairs.

Last week from Tuesday through Saturday I was away on a trip for work. It was an annual awards event for a few divisions in my company. It was great fun but exhausting.

I hadn’t seen Tony in almost two weeks (not since the debacle with my son in the middle of the night). I was three time zones away from home and up late partying most nights. My Mom had been staying overnight at my place while I was away. On Saturday, my plane was delayed and I didn’t get home until 9:45pm. I missed putting my son to bed, and I was disappointed about that.

My Mom and I chatted for a few minutes and she asked me if I was having company – and I said yes, Tony was coming over shortly. Continue reading