when the thought of losing someone confirms you love them

Part 2 | Two hospitalizations in a week

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Tony and I were supposed to see each other on Wednesday night. He’d been working all week and it felt like we’d barely spoken (which wasn’t technically true but I’m feeling more disconnected from him than usual – it could very well all be in my head).

I was sitting at my home computer working late when my phone rang. It was Tony. “Ann”, he said, “I’ve just blacked out on set. They called an ambulance and I’m going to the hospital.”

“What?? Oh my god! Are you okay now? Where are they taking you?”

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communication is not easy in dating

Two hospitalizations in a week. (1 of 2)

If you don’t know the back story, you can read about Ian and I first connected on Bumble and how his lack of proactive communication started to make me antsy.

If you don’t know who Tony is, well when you have a spare five hours you can read our saga by going to my Lovers page… or just using the Tony tag (but it sorts from newest to oldest…working on finding a plug-in to change that!)

This past week I didn’t have much to do in the evenings, other than work and a few other truly value added activities which I discussed in my last post.

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