plenty of shit has me depressed

I’m trying to avoid being buried by the bullshit

I know I’ve not written at my usual pace. It’s not that I don’t have posts swirling around in my head. There are far too many words to write.

I am working on the next post about Ian. It’s a doozy. But I needed to step away from that to just dump the other shit I’m dealing with out on a page.

First shit? Will, my ex-husband.

He wanted to move to the other side of the world again. Some of you may remember he moved away a year after he and I split up and was gone for ten months, leaving me as a single parent to an angry little boy. It was during that time I met Tony. Continue reading

An email from my Mother

I received the email below last night.

Yesterday was hard. An important meeting with a senior executive at my company, which contained some good news but also some information that was very hard to hear. I managed to have a phone conversation with Tony, and we are seeing each other on Thursday. It was nice to talk but I realised I feel so disconnected from him right now – I’ve seen him once in four weeks.

But, back to my Mom’s email:

Ann, I’m concerned about you.  You seemed so sad last weekend and truly you have some big items to be sad about and to deal with.  There seems to be so much stress for you these days – from dealing with and making decisions about Tony, the job uncertainty, the new routine with Liam, to dealing with Will and the dating scene.  I am encouraging you to take advantage of the counseling services that must be available through your company. Please consider getting some counseling – it can’t hurt and IT MIGHT HELP.  I suspect you still have issues related to your father and it would be good to sort these before embarking on another relationship.  The empty and abandoned spaces inside you can only be filled temporarily with sex.  I hope you can find true peace and contentment.  You are not alone in your journey – there are those who love you and care about you and will be there for you.  

Love, Mom