Zane wants children

When he wants children, and I don’t.

Zane and I have seen each other several times since we met at the party a few weeks ago. He wanted to see me again as quickly as possible, so we snuck in a short drink date the next day before I got Liam for the week. I liked him as much one-on-one as in the party atmosphere.

He is soft-spoken and very articulate. While he says he’s an old man inside and is worldly, he’s clearly in his mid-thirties. He asked me for advice on my work success and I died a little inside: it’s not the kind of relationship dynamic I’m looking for.

He’s told me how beautiful he thinks I am and marvels at how captivated he is. But he has none of the creepy clinger vibe of John. He’s not in love with love. In contrast, he tells me he’s picky and I believe him.  Continue reading

I’m sneaking in two vignettes with Sevag

A little bit of romance to brighten your day.

First vignette:

We are in the pub at the country inn, mid-afternoon, enjoying some drinks and eating. We are laughing and telling stories and taking time just staring into each other’s eyes.

The songs in the background are from the 70s and 80s and they spawn even more stories.

Then this comes on (Here I Go Again, by Whitesnake).

We aren’t really talking at this point, just looking at each other and smiling. It’s a very romantic moment.

Okay. Bear with me and listen to this song, and tell me… What do you do at 1 min 17 seconds? Continue reading