Feeling discomfort in the comfortable

A lovely reader yesterday inquired whether anything bad has happened, as it had been 10 days since I’d posted. The short answer is no, everything is very… stable.

My sex life has been rather quiet – and it’s not a complaint. The very end of November was my last night with Lewis and Clark. I haven’t seen Clark since, and Lewis only once, over a month ago. The first weekend in December was the last time I had sex with Todd. I wrote about Tony on Christmas Eve. I had Jason back in my bed for the first time in a year, over a month ago.

For me, that’s quiet.  Continue reading

Rules for dating when you actually want to date.

In a recent comment discussion with a fellow blogger I got to talking about my dating rules…and figured I should write them down. It helps me stick to them, and I’m curious what everyone thinks.

I didn’t start off dating this way. My priorities were different – have a LOT of sex, feel wanted, reinforce I was attractive to men, and explore dating in all its forms. I succeeded, and it sure did garner a lot of learning and stories for this blog. If you haven’t read my old stories, you can find them on my “men I’ve slept with” page starting at #38.

Two years ago, I didn’t want a serious relationship (I also have a blog post in my head about my definition of “serious”). I didn’t want to be exclusive. But I did want to date – meaning go out and do different things with men I like. More than just the euphemistic “hanging out” at my place. Continue reading

I feel a smidgen better.

I’m getting ready for the big trip tomorrow so trying to focus on things like avoiding refrigerator science projects. But I needed to write a wee update.

Yesterday I was deep in a funk. I dropped off the rented tableware, got my eyelashes tinted, nails done (for the beach!!) and then settled in on my couch with Mad Men.

Tony called. He was supposed to go to a sporting event with his best friend, who bailed, and he wanted to know if I would go with him.

I had also received an invitation to go dancing with a few girlfriends and I was trying to determine if I could rally to go out..I was morose and tired. But I really wanted to see him and frankly, make sure things were still okay. Continue reading