Period sex, exclusivity, and a boyfriend.

I’m writing this on my phone, on the beach on the sun, whilst Leo is playing beach volleyball 100 metres  away. Apologies for any mistakes…I will fix them when I’m at my computer again.

We are on Day 3 of 5. It’s been very nice so far.

My body failed me and decided to start my period the first day of our trip. I knew there would be some overlap but was expecting it to be wrapping up by the start. Leo said he didn’t care, thank goodness. But menstrual cramps and having to jump to the bathroom to take out a tampon as a man starts to put his hands down your pants is super annoying. Continue reading

I sense real trouble with this one.

I woke up this morning wondering if the hours spent with Sevag last night were a dream. An amazing, intense, wonderful, dream.

They weren’t, but easily could be.

My heart and head are fighting a serious battle; a good one this time. It is so seductive to be romanced by someone who looks at me like he can see into my heart and soul. I actually think he can.

He has sussed out truths about me without my explicitly sharing information that would allow this conclusion. Continue reading

I’m convincing myself the love is due to Oxytocin

It’s just the sex chemicals, I keep telling myself.

Tony and I had a perfect date on Saturday, including sex that left me truly satisfied for the first time ever with him. Sex that was rough and tender at varying times.

At one point, looking into the eyes staring intently down at me, before I even was aware of it “he’s picked me” popped into my head. I immediately chastised myself for such a ridiculous thought.

But he was fully present and focused on me. He gave me his mind and his body. He had chosen me, at least then. Continue reading