juggling multiple sexual partners

I had sex with 4 different men in 5 days

Monday was Ian.

Wednesday was Tony.

Thursday was Lewis.

Friday was Jake.

Four men in five days. I turned down Clark although he’d asked to see me on the weekend since he missed out on Thursday. How did I feel about it? Mostly powerful. Definitely slutty. Continue reading

It’s quite true. They come back.

This isn’t something that just happened, but I haven’t had a chance to write about it and figured some levity might be a good thing for me right now.

WAY back when I first started dating, and acted like a crazy woman when someone disappeared (just read about the Cook to see an example), there was a guy who I met for one date and then he gradually disappeared, but not before he also continued to reach out to a close friend of mine online.

I lost my shit. I literally cringe when I read the post, but go read it and then come back. I’ll wait.

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#14 Puts a smile on my face.

I mentioned the symphony date on my last post. #14 and I haven’t been texting since we made our date, but this morning I woke up to this:

Good morning sexy. Not sure how much a man is supposed to confess in states of arousal. But at the risk of being inappropriate…

I know you mentioned some relationship pains. Hope you’re coping well as can be hoped. 

That said, I must share that I have been finding myself if various states of arousal thinking of you. Happy to be your distraction if you so choose. I suggest you wear some sexy heels and underwear for our eve. I have been battling many sensual images sitting next to you at the symphony. Waking up early and aroused and enjoying the temptation of pleasing myself without release. Letting the sexual tension build with daily images of my mouth, lips and tongue on your wet lips. 

Happy Thursday. 


Wow. I think (and told him) that it probably the best good morning text message I’ve ever received.

My brain is circling around thoughts of sexual power, vulnerability, objectification, and promiscuity. I’m not sure where it’s going to land, but the past week has got me thinking.

Trying so damn hard to say goodbye to each other (FL 8)

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It’s not every night I choose one man over several.

Part OnePart Two

One of you said that the love and fuzzy came through in my last post. It’s so very true. There is just something about that guy. My heart has expressed it pretty well in the past.

Tony and I had hours of amazing sex. Literally hours. Eventually the boots came off, but not before I’d lost count of orgasms and he had me in a variety of ways. At one point, the man who often finishes manually actually stopped himself from doing so and said “I don’t want to do this alone”, again pulling me into him. Continue reading

Cheese, meat, wine, corset, and heels

Part One

Tony picked up the phone and was quite happy to hear from me. When I asked what he was doing that night, he said he had plans to go to a sporting event but asked why I was asking.

“Well…” I said, “I was wondering if you would want to go to a sex club with me tonight. You see, there was a Dom I met a while ago, before I met you, and he wants to meet me to explore some BDSM stuff, and I thought you might be interested in joining me. ” (I worded it a bit better than that, with more context).

There was a pause as he processed my question. Then he said: Continue reading

Saturday plans: Tennis, Lunch, a Craigslist sale, and a nice f*ck.

Let me take you back, since I’m writing a bit out of sequence. Two weeks ago, I was experiencing a slowly disappearing man and had rekindled and quickly snuffed out my interactions with Tony.

Mr. Fetlife hadn’t responded to a text for several days, and the Teacher who was super keen ended up not being able to make any date work before a two-week vacation, so he was out of the picture.

The Accountant was being kind of creepy. He and I had pretty much stopped texting. He didn’t ask me out again, but if he had I’d decided to give it another chance. But then he came across my profile on Adult Friend Finder and his interest was reinvigorated. He messaged me there and on OK Cupid. He started texting me again.

He told me he’d taken my AFF profile pic (it’s half in shadow), lightened it, and said I looked great. It felt creepy. Continue reading

What's old is new again 3 | When sexual dysfunction means you bail

I saw the Cook online earlier this week and confess to saying to myself “oh you’re single again are you? That’s karma you fucking jerk.”

I’m usually more gracious, but given the history, not so much. I wasn’t following my dating rules then. I suppose I should have known better. It was too bad – he’s one of the ones where I think if I’d approached dating him a little differently, perhaps there would have been a different outcome.

But of course, another man from my past showed up, this time on OK Cupid. I never wrote about him but he is #41 on my Men I’ve Slept With list.

I guess I don’t harbour as much resentment toward him as I’m pretty sure he was mortified he couldn’t keep it up and that’s why he never contacted me again. Continue reading

What's old is new again 2 | Another chance to call a man out on his BS

I wrote about one of my first dates and how I got the opportunity to tell him he got no more access to my sexiness unless we were actually dating. It felt so awesome to write that message.

Some of you thought he would reach out. I knew he wouldn’t, and he hasn’t. So fucking telling, no?

But guess what?? It happened again. This guy I also wrote about – he went silent after some pretty hot phone sex.

He sent me a message on OK Cupid, and I responded politely. But after his second text I just had to say what was on my mind.  Continue reading

Rules are made to be broken. Sometimes.

While I posted my new dating rules just a couple days ago, they have been in effect for longer. And you may have noted I said I have different rules when it comes to sexual exploration. Which I’m not pursuing with the same intensity, but it’s still something I’m interested in. Especially since I’m not going to sleep with someone on the first date – a rule I didn’t even write!! – I have to get it somewhere.

I have two stories to share with you:

1) Your kinks are not my kinks

The first occurred at the tail end of my no-contact time with Tony. A woman reached out to me on FetLife saying she and her boyfriend of a year had broken up and he spotted my profile on FetLife and was intrigued.

While skeptical at first, once I established she wasn’t full of it and he was a real guy, he and I started emailing. He was clear he wasn’t looking for a relationship but he’d be open to just having one ongoing sexual relationship. He was HOT. So I figured why the hell not, and although I was ill I agreed to meet him for lunch. He knew I was sick and agreed to meet me anyway.

He was charming and funny and intelligent. He ran his own business. But what drew me in were his completely luscious lips and bedroom eyes. Shallow but true.

I wanted to fuck this man…so that’s what I did.

Not for the first time, the words going through my head during our afternoon delight were “dude, your kinks are not my kinks”.

Turns out, I’m not so much into tit slapping. Or holding my mouth open so he could fuck my face. Or him just holding my mouth open to look inside. Or his small cock that he didn’t even really fuck me well with.

I spent time masturbating after he left, so as to be satisfied.

I got him sick. Shocker. We texted for a few days afterwards. I wasn’t too upset when he politely told me as much as he loved our time together, he had met someone else he was going to focus on and didn’t have time for two. I said quite honestly I was impressed he took the time to say that, and wished him all the best.

Sidebar: He left a very dark and obvious bruise under my nipple. I had to use concealer the next day when I met Tony. Thank goodness Tony didn’t disappoint, and did pretty much the exact same thing to my breast, which prevented me from getting busted.

2) Why are the hot sexy smart ones super long distance?

I modified a few of my stories from this blog and posted them on Reddit. I was curious what kind of traffic it would drive to my blog, and what the feedback would be like. The feedback was 99% positive, and it drives traffic to my blog but barely any followers.

I had some men reach out to me with private messages. They were flirty and complimentary. One lives in New York and asked me out; perhaps on my next visit.

But one guy stood out from the rest; he’d just gotten out of a long-term relationship and they were swingers. He wrote thoughtful and interesting messages. We took our conversation from Reddit to email.

He sent me a picture. Fatal flaw for asking, Ann… fatal flaw.

Of course, he’s tall, dark, handsome, fit, well endowed, intelligent, and we are definitely sexually aligned. And over 2,000 miles from where I live. Dammit.

So yes, it’s 100% in violation of my rules. There is so little point engaging with someone long distance. I’ve done it before – and yes, of course, it was a wonderful romance while it lasted. It is also asking for so. much. trouble. Especially since he knows about the blog and has read a thing or two over here (hello, my handsome friend).

He wants someone to talk to. He wishes there were people he could tell everything to – and we’ve talked about my experiences blogging and how wonderful it’s been for me. I told him I’m happy to talk about pretty much anything with him but I don’t want to hear the details of his sexual exploits. I’m fine to know – for example – that this week he has three dates lined up with women he’s met online – and one has to be careful to not squirt every time she cums.

That’s enough information for me.

His ex was taller and heavier than me so he completely understands I don’t want to hear about the little Thai woman he fucked last week. One of the few sexual things I can’t be is the kind of woman a man can hoist around his hips and fuck her against a wall. Well, perhaps an incredibly strong basketball player. But I haven’t met any of those.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen with him, if anything. He is nice enough to say good morning and goodnight, and we text occasionally throughout the day. I’d be intrigued to meet him but in some ways that would make things much more difficult if we did have an amazing connection. He’s just come out of a relationship, and I would  ideally like to be in one.

What I’m not doing is getting ahead of myself. At all. For now he’s fun to talk to, sends fantastic cock shots (although I’m just as likely to ask for face or other parts), and I’m okay with breaking my rule for him.