not just a first date kiss but oral sex on my couch

A kiss shared with thousands | Part Two

Part One

After the game he took charge and knew exactly which direction he was taking me. We walked with the crowds and after a few minutes I asked where we were going.

He said since we hadn’t had dinner yet he thought we could get food. I was game.

We held hands the whole way. He took me to the neighborhood where he has his downtown flat. He chose a restaurant which happened to be a favorite of HWSNBN’s…. Shit. Continue reading

first date kiss sporting event

A kiss shared with thousands | my first date with Ian

Ian from the beginningPrevious Post

He paid for dinner, and we went to the game. He didn’t lead me by the hand but was mindful of where I was in relation to him, as we threaded our way through the crowd.

He knew a few people we passed on the way, working the event. He stopped to chat with each of them and introduced me as his “friend Ann”. It was nice to get the opportunity to see how he interacted with other humans. He was polite and kind and just a touch awkward – not knowing how to close off a conversation seamlessly to let them let back to work.

I found it endearing and real. Continue reading

He showed up, we had sex, he fisted me.

He showed up in the middle of the night and fisted me. (1 of 2)

“You’re made of awesome, Ann”.

I’ve known this man for over two years. We met through our blogs – I no longer remember how. Despite a lack of appreciation for poetry, his caught my eye. His stories were hot, and he was a prolific weaver of words. He was a staunch supporter on my blog.

We became friends; he told me I was his muse, that he could barely believe a woman like me existed. He filled my inbox and my ears with a steady stream of poems and stories written just for me, and with promises that men like him existed in my real life. Those who would embrace the woman I was and support my desires without judgment.

Men who would adore me, delight in me, and fuck me silly.  Continue reading

Who needs dating sites? Or, how I went to a swingers club within a week of being single.

Fluid loss was the theme of last week.

I can’t believe it’s only been seven days since I broke it off with Tony. It feels like forever and I miss him so much. All these little things remind me of him, and my first instinct is to text or call him – but I don’t. I have held true to my self-imposed no contact promise, both in spirit and letter.

A close friend gently told me he’s gone forever; the reality is if he wanted me, he would figure it out. I can come up with all kinds of rationalizations for his behaviour, but I know deep down it’s true. Regardless, there’s a part of me that so badly hopes its not true. Hoping there is a happy and romantic ending. I guess I’m not 100% cynic.

I have managed to stay off the dating sites. But before I claim any kind of moral victory, the truth is I haven’t needed them to interact with men. Continue reading

Some of the best sex ever, from an dating profile exaggerator

This is still one of my favourite dating stories. While we all know some people exaggerate on their online dating profiles, this was the first time I experienced it myself.

When the guy showed up and looked NOTHING like his pictures, I reminded myself that his personality was constant and some physical parts don’t change all that much 😉

So I gave him a chance and it was the craziest and best first date sex I’d ever had and likely ever will.

When to give a guy a chance | Part One

When to give a guy a chance | Part Two

The best first date of my entire life. Yup.

For the build up, please read this post.

And no, the image isn’t really relevant, but I’ve been waiting to use it all year and well, today is the day. Happy New Year everyone!

We met at 8pm, outside the restaurant we had picked. It was perfect. Small, cool vibe with exposed brick and a long bar. Probably held 20 people. It was known for great small plates of food for sharing.

One thing I have found rare in the men I’ve met is a nice balance between leadership and taking my opinion into account. I like someone who takes charge but isn’t a jerk about it, for lack of a better term. But I absolutely want someone who has an opinion.

Tony was amazing in this regard. He asked me what area I preferred – and then once we settled on a location, he recommended a restaurant and a time. Perfect. When I arrived, he met me on the street. My first though was – oh my – as he was in a hooded jacket and seemed to be limping. But no, false alarm. All was good. Continue reading