not just a first date kiss but oral sex on my couch

A kiss shared with thousands | Part Two

Part One

After the game he took charge and knew exactly which direction he was taking me. We walked with the crowds and after a few minutes I asked where we were going.

He said since we hadn’t had dinner yet he thought we could get food. I was game.

We held hands the whole way. He took me to the neighborhood where he has his downtown flat. He chose a restaurant which happened to be a favorite of HWSNBN’s…. Shit. Continue reading

I got pissed off and shaved his head (2/2)

Part One

Tony and I made plans to see each other the next evening for an overnight. I had to drop my son Liam to Will’s house in late afternoon and had no plans afterwards. Tony was working and with his son for part of the day. He had a shoot on Monday and I had work, but he also had to take his car in for service and his shoot was way closer to my house than his.

So a plan was hatched.

Earlier in the week when he expressed dismay he was going to have to change a car appointment because he had a shoot, I offered mine. I rarely drive during the week so it made no difference to me.

The first time I offered, he said something like “oh no that’s okay”. The second time he raised it, I said I was serious and it was honestly no issue at all for me. Then later he realized it was a good idea and we left it that he would come by my place Sunday night to pick up my car and he would leave from there the next morning.

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Left to my own post-coital devices, I contact Tony (2)

[Part One]

Sorry about the cliffhanger…I had to sleep and decided to just post what I’d written instead of waiting.


In a comment on Part One, Dawn asked whether I was experiencing sub-drop. Certainly the feeling of fantastic sex then being alone is never good. In this case, the let-down was both emotional and physical.

I was unsettled at Lewis’s blatant disregard for my question about when I’d see him next. I was bothered he neglected to use a condom at one point. When I told him he was hurting me that morning (my cervix was fine the night before but was protesting at morning), he said “you’re going to take it all” and didn’t stop a thing. Disrespectful more than anything else.

None of that stuff felt good. Continue reading

Getting stoned, having a nipple orgasm, and opening up | Part One

It was not a usual date for either of us. I went straight from the airport to Tony’s house. I was hungover and exhausted. Since Wednesday I had non-stop work and social engagements, and not a lot of sleep the last two nights. But I desperately wanted to see him.

Tony wasn’t in the greatest frame of mind either. He’d had a huge fight with his ex that day, and was also exhausted.

But we persevered. Shortly after I arrived he asked if I was hungry. I wasn’t. He was, so of course I said I would go out then anyway. He said he had to run an errand first to see a friend. My hopes got up that perhaps this meant I was going to meet one of his friends. My brain said “yay! I’m a real girl in his mind!”

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