Moving forward and away from Tony. 

A few days ago I wrote about needing to make a decision about Tony and whether / how to move forward. I got some great advice and feedback on the options I presented, and it helped me cement my final decision.

I decided to end things. But not with some grand pronouncement. I haven’t heard from him since last Wednesday when we had our brief text exchange. I deleted our iMessage history so he doesn’t show up in my text messages list. I haven’t texted him, and won’t. If I hear from him I will be polite but not take the conversation forward. I won’t ask to see him and if he asks if he can see me…well, I will decline but may need help figuring out exactly how to do so.  Continue reading

Hook, Line, and Busted! Or, my Catfish experience

This one is a bit hard to write about because I got mad even though my gut knew exactly what the deal was…way before my brain was willing to admit it.  Please don’t do too much psychoanalysis on me on this one…

Here goes.  Remember The Traveler? He is featured in:

I guess the benefit of writing a blog is that I KNOW FOR SURE that I knew what was going on…since in one post in September I wrote “On the extreme other side, perhaps he is some old fat guy using a hot guy’s photos…no intention to actually meet in person but instead is totally duplicitous.  I suppose it’s possible.”
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Sexual Reawakening (Faraway Lover 1)

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