Yes, it’s my birthday month. And I have pictures.

It’s my birthday month. Thanks to everyone who has sent me birthday wishes, both “publicly” and privately. It’s nice to feel the love. I started my blog two years ago today.

I have 490 boudoir pictures that I’ve been slogging through. About 100 I hated. A whole set of me up against a window in poses that made my boobs look smaller than they are and accentuated the size of my stomach and my butt.

However, there are many that I like. Lots I can’t show here without some serious editing – which I might do depending on how I feel. But for now, I’d like to share a few with you that were easy selections. You can thank Hy for her support and Dawn for her urging, which led to this post 🙂


I’m sorry, but I’ve removed these pictures. I realized recently over time, I’ve sent a few of them to select lovers and may have put a similar one on Facebook. If anyone ever did a good image search, they would find my blog. And we all know what happens in that situation. I’m still super proud of them, but they are going to stay private. I trust you understand.

I'm going to be a total b*tch in this post. Fair warning.

I’m feeling like a total curmudgeon right now. Too many things I’m experiencing are pissing me off. It’s not my style on this blog to be all bitchy (ahem…hold that comment), but hey, I’m trying not to self-censor, and several of you said “oh please let’s see this post of which you speak”, so here goes.

[I lied. I wrote the stuff below and now feel compelled to say in almost all cases, I see their side. I’m not fucking stupid nor am I un-compassionate. I’m simply irritated. It’s the combination of all the shit I’m dealing with right now.]

To the man on my team who sat across from me yesterday in a “manager once removed” meeting, who asked me all about my team’s strategy and my vision, and professed to be super excited about the opportunities, who then, TODAY, just resigned to go to a competitor… Continue reading

I'm showing one tit this time | Or, how about a nice romantic photo?

Johnny Id and I took a LOT of photos in the last ten days. Most of them are not for public consumption at all – god forbid they accidentally get uploaded to Facebook.

He also took photos of me having orgasms (and a video too, which I didn’t know about in the moment) and I can’t bear to look at them – I think I look ridiculous and I don’t really want to have those images in my head and the next time I’m cumming think “oh my god I look silly”. What matters I suppose is that he thinks they are super hot. So to each his own.

There was one, however, that we really liked…and we agreed to share it here. It speaks more than my words can at this particular juncture.

I am sad he is gone…my bed isn’t the same without him. But I am happy for the time we had together and for the promise of an amazing future to come. Continue reading

Boudoir pics coming up…maybe…

For several weeks now, I’ve been determined that if a Groupon came up for a boudoir photo shoot, I would go for it. But each day when I looked at my emails, there was never one… I figured I was off my own hook.

Which has been great. Because in the last two months I’ve gained a few pounds (due to a lack of sex exercise, lack of getting my ass into the gym, and a wee bit of stress eating and drinking), and I’m in a funk with all the shit going down, and also am presently in that lovely monthly occurring phase of feeling like I’m retaining all the water I drink and nothing fits. You ladies know of what I speak.

In other words, I’m so not feeling the sexy vibe right now.

Until last night…scrolling through the deals…there it was. 90 minute boudoir shoot, a photographer with a great portfolio, and it’s near my place. I knew I shouldn’t talk myself out of it.  So before my brain caught up with me, in a few swipes of my finger, there it was in my inbox.

I told Johnny about it. He’s happy. I mused aloud that perhaps I should do it when he’s here… he can come be my cheerleader.  Because of course there is nothing like sex to make one feel sexy.

I will be sure to tell y’all about the experience, once I’m through it.  If I’m feeling particularly bold, I might share a favorite shot or two. Maybe… Which reminds me… my I’m going to show you my tits post is still by far the most viewed post ever, and growing.

My tits stacked against a cucumber

So, my own personal Boob Day experiment was an interesting one.  Thought I’d break down my findings for y’all here, since I promised I would.

First, I should start by saying they are my boobs.  I couldn’t really run a study using a placebo, could I?  Had I used a random pic from the internet, their runaway success, or failure, could have been attributed to my choice of photo.  So I figured using mine would be the best bet.  I will likely take down the photo on that post in due course…the thought of them being out there in the blogosphere getting in trouble on their own is a little disturbing.

So…my tits definitely got some attention.  Lots of attention.  After my About Me and About my Lovers pages, it’s the most popular post I have and it’s only been up for 8 days.

Conclusion? People like sex and pics of naked bits.  I know that’s not news.  When I looked at my top posts on this blog, not surprisingly, most have sexual content in the title: Continue reading