Real friends share their Tinder matches.

Madeline (aka The Woman Invisible) and I are friends. We met through our blogs, have met in person, text regularly, and talk on the phone in times of need.

But you know how to really know when a straight same-sex friend is a true friend? When they pass off a Tinder match to you. On a recent Tinder binge, she was matched with a very hot guy who was visiting her city. She didn’t know he wasn’t from there at first. She didn’t end up hooking up with him, because they couldn’t quite make it work. Not for lack of trying.

Turns out, he lives in my city. Continue reading

An all-around great date, which is still making me smile.

Ah, date night. Finally.

Mark of Exile on Pain Street (now freshly pressed, no less!) reminded me again that I should not feel compelled to write every day.  He’s right, of course, but I like to do it. Although I now give myself permission to skip a day if there’s nothing I have to say. It just doesn’t happen all that often.

Despite some assertions that the anticipation of an event is greater than the event itself, that wasn’t the case with my date on Friday night. It had been over a month since our adults-only overnight date.

Tony arrived at my place around 6:30pm. We had dinner reservations for 7pm at my favorite Italian restaurant; a 3 minute walk from my house. I have a few dates there (Jason, NIM, Johnny, and others), and the proprietors are lovely to me. My son declares it the best pizza he’s ever had. Continue reading

Exclusive but not serious.

A reader commented that my post about exclusivity with Tony sounded “serious”.

I hadn’t really thought about it that way, but it got me thinking – is this serious? Why did I want exclusivity and is it good for me right now?

First things first. I don’t have a lot of time or emotional energy to spend on multiple men right now. I have written about this before.

I need some space to focus on other things in my life. My son, my friends, and work, namely. Taking all this time to find men to date, then actually date them, is exhausting and distracting from other things that matter more. Mentally and emotionally it’s a good thing for me to be able to focus on one person. Continue reading