My Mom, Glen Campbell, and Vietnam.

“For you, who is gentle on my mind, but too hot to handle at times. Please never change, because you are beautiful. Good luck and safe trip, and remember all of our good times. Love, Rick. 7/31/69, Hawaii.

P.S. Remember the steaks and ice cream, because they make you sweet (smile).”

Did you notice the date? It’s not a typo: 1969. Those words, written in red looping cursive script, were for my mother. They are on the back of a vinyl record which accompanied her back to the mainland from Hawaii, Glen Campbell’s “Gentle on My Mind”. She got rid of the ABBA and the classical albums long ago, but a precious few remained packed away until her recent move.  Continue reading

3 nights of 2am (Part 1)

I wrote about Lewis and Todd last week. I was smitten and smiling randomly the next day – I always find the dichotomy of being a mom and corporate suit as well as the woman who has threesomes pretty amusing.

I told Lewis I would love a repeat before Todd went back home. The text reply that made me smile even more?

How about tomorrow night, 8:30?


It was on. I had trouble focusing at work if I let my mind wander for even a few seconds. But it was all good. Continue reading

Breaking up with Fox | My Mom’s feedback

For the breakup prelude and texts, start with this post.

This is the final post on this for the moment. It’s weird to post five things in one day but there’s no point in making anyone wait for any of this.

My Mom sat with me until mid day on Saturday. I had long-standing plans to go out with some girlfriends; the timing couldn’t have been better.

So I stopped texting for the most part, but found his change of tone rather unsettling.

By now you’ve probably read how the texting ended. I still haven’t responded back and am thinking through what to do. That’s actually not entirely true; I know what I need to do but am getting my head around it.

My Mom sent me an email about Fox and our relationship which I found pretty insightful. Thought I’d use her words instead of mine, for a change. Continue reading

Protected: A breakup over text | Part three

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Protected: A breakup over text | Part two

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Protected: A breakup over text | Part one

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Protected: A breakup over text | First, the prelude.

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He found my blog and broke up with me. 


Ironic that with two blogging mistakes under my belt I’ve never been found out, but a man who I trusted with the knowledge that I blogged has violated that trust.

Of course he’s hurt. He read things nobody would want to read. But he promised me he would never seek it out, and he did it earlier today. Why? He said he felt the relationship had “run its course” since he’s been saying since Oct 12 he needs more than I’m giving him.

So, he was hurt, and he violated my deepest trust.

That fucker.

The irony is my Mom arrived for the advice session literally the moment I got two long and vicious emails from him. I told her it seemed my decision was made for me. She and I talked for three hours today. I’ve always maintained you know the measure of someone when they are angry and stressed.

I don’t like how Fox measured up in this. 

I noted his IP address so I could see if he comes to the blog again. He spent almost two hours reading before sending me those texts. I went private for the moment. If any of you are willing to mention to our joint readers that I’m fine, just dealing with a bit of a crisis, it would be most appreciated. The irony (again) is I was supposed to do the same thing for Madeline today.

Oh, and I heard from Tony last week right before I left on my trip, and 5 minutes before I got the messages from Fox I explained to Tony I was dating someone and couldn’t see him.

I think the universe is fucking with me.

A unicorn walks into a swingers club…2

For Part One, click here.

What I failed to mention in my previous post was while in the afternoon, I was now scheduled to meet a couple “in the lifestyle”, that morning was my son Liam’s birthday party.

I’m sure I’m not the only one to feel this way, but I find the dichotomy striking between my sex life and being a mom and an executive in a really conservative profession. In moments at my son’s party, I found myself thinking “here I am, being a Mom, doing all the good Mom things, and this afternoon I may get f*cked by some new people. Multiple people. But right now, I’m handing out loot bags.”

Really weird.

I got home from the party (Liam was with his Dad) and had a few hours to kill before it was time for me to go. I texted Jason back and forth to confirm I was indeed, not chickening out. I did laundry. I figured out what I was going to wear. I did some planting on my balcony.

I definitely did things far more mundane than what could be considered appropriate pre-swingers club preparation. Continue reading