Kissing in the rain | Another first date story (part 1)

He favorited me on Plenty of Fish and then didn’t message me. I figured (hoped) it was simply a matter of time. He is a handsome, dark-skinned, 6’2″ finance professional with an MBA. He is separated with a young daughter, has lived in multiple cities, went to college on a sports scholarship, and likes to dance.

While I wanted to reach out to him, I stuck to my rules and didn’t message him.

Then late last week, he reached out. He was bold and polite – commenting on my profile and asking if he could take me for a drink. I said I would love to but was visiting a girlfriend for the weekend.

Will asked if he could have Liam on Monday night. So I first offered Monday to someone I have yet to meet in person (a very sweet teacher from POF), but he wasn’t available. I then asked Mr Fetlife, but he had to work. I therefore planned to actually get some non dating things done that night. Continue reading

28 December 1998 | Throwback Thursday

My last journal entry was 28 December 1998. It’s significant because it’s the last entry I made, until I started this blog last year. It was also the only entry about my ex-husband, Will. 

Over the next few days I will post the entry, in a few parts. 

I know, I deserve to be reprimanded for this 14 month hiatus – it seems like the time has flown by! I’ve discovered that work sucks up so much time, and attempting to work and play is difficult. Ah, the adult world.

[I write a lot about work next, because I was with a company that was going bankrupt, and given the nature of what I did I had to figure out what to do next.]

The problem, of course, is deciding what to do next. I’m really at a loss. I’ve considered going back to school to do an MBA…I don’t think it can hurt…Even if I decide to do an MBA, I don’t know what to do with it. I like solving problems, and I think I’m good at working with and figuring out people. So, I do think I would enjoy a consulting job, or something in Marketing. I’ve always been interested in how products and services are marketed…

BIG NEWS IN LOVE!!! Continue reading