When insecurity with one drives me to others.

Leo and I have the same top two love languages: Quality Time and Physical Touch. He’s not stingy with either; while busy, he finds time to see me. I don’t have to beg for his time or his attention. When we see each other, he’s affectionate.

He’s just not very… overt with his praise.

I guess it’s been building within me these last couple of weeks. A need to hear how he feels. I know he likes me, but I need to hear an “oh my god you’re so beautiful” when he’s got his hands between my thighs. Or some proactive statement, of my appeal to him, or where he sees us going. Something.

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Figuring out why I'm chill about Tony.

If you’ve been following the story of Tony and me, you know that it is different with him. Most of the time, I feel good about how he feels about me and the pace we are taking in building our relationship.

I have no idea what is going to happen, yet I’m okay with that.

This is a significant departure from my prior “engagements”. The most recent that comes to mind is Andrew, whom I should have felt pretty good about – yet I didn’t. I was constantly worrying about how he felt and what he wanted and it was the source of much anxiety.

Yet with Andrew, I saw him in person with roughly the same frequency and we talked almost every day, often with video chat. So there was way more contact than with Tony. Continue reading