Trying to see Gregory again.

After I’d heard from him that night, Gregory and I texted back and forth a bit. He was hosting clients for most of the day, including dinner. He said it was exhausting. He was complimentary about my talents when I shared a work-related issue. I told him I was off to bed (I was getting a cold and knew I needed to sleep) and asked him if the next night still worked to get together. He said it did.

The next day arrived. I didn’t text him at all during the day – and at 6:30 he texted saying he hoped I’d had a good day. I replied a half an hour later when I saw his text, and then asked if 9:15 pm would work for him to come over.

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Evicerating a heart in a few easy steps.

Step 1:

Believe the words a man tells you; that he loves you, that you are unlike anyone else in his life, that although you aren’t going to be intimate anymore he doesn’t want to lose you in his life. Believe he can’t possibly be so deceitful that he’s letting two women think the same thing when it comes to his love and commitment to them. Justify staying intimate with him by telling yourself she can’t possibly believe he’s romantically in love with her.

Step 2:

After you break up for the final time, spend a fair amount of mental calories debating whether to block him from contacting you. Believe he will be the one to reach out. Think about ways you need to be strong to get through the breakup without reverting. Believe he will be the one that suffers more in your absence, than you in his. (Note: this is perhaps dangerously close to hubris)

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Making a breakup stick.

Update! I added the widget. It makes me smile. Enjoy.

I’ve been thinking about adding a widget to my blog akin to “X days accident-free” signs found in industrial plants. “24 hours Tony-free” – which I would have to update if I contact him or reply to any outreach.

He doesn’t fully realize the nature of my goodbye. Granted, the last time I said goodbye (May 2015) I lasted a mere few months. I don’t blame him. No matter what I’ve said, he thinks we will be “friends”.

I didn’t think it worth my time or emotional energy to challenge his ridiculous and unrealistic beliefs about what would happen next. When he said we could now have play dates with our children, all I said was “oh and how are you going to explain who I am to Mary?” and he said “I will figure something out.”

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The benefit of lingerie; part two

[Part One]

I went up the stairs to Tony’s bedroom with him right behind me. Kissing me hard at the foot of his king size bed, with a free hand he grabbed the clothes strewn across his bed and dropped them on the floor.

He grabbed my shoulders, steered me toward the edge of the bed, and pushed me down on my back. I bounced and giggled with delight, knowing what was coming next.

Looking at me with raw hunger in his eyes, he kneeled on the bed at my feet, put a hand on the inside of each bent knee, and pushed my legs open. Taking a moment to admire the view, he leaned forward, put a hand on either side of my head and crushed me with a kiss.  Continue reading

A fantasy come true: lingerie under a trench coat 

It’s unseasonably warm here; we’ve been breaking records courtesy of El Niño.

I offered to Tony on Friday night to come to him, instead of having him come to my place, given how stressed he was. My team was coming over to my place for dinner and drinks but since I’d been sick I hadn’t had any alcohol; so I was perfectly fine to not imbibe with them.

We left the office early and they started drinking at my place before 3pm. I nursed sparkling water. The stories we shared could fill a few sexy blog posts. My gay male team member has a fantastic story of an encounter with a micro penis. Maybe I should write it; it’s a tragicomedy. Continue reading

Boobday | Tony date boobs, bra, and bruise.

This bra was on me; it’s currently hanging on Tony’s bed frame. 


I love to wear bras my lovers haven’t seen yet, and this one was a success, measured by the reaction it got when it was uncovered. It stayed on during sex, along with my boots. It’s from Agent Provocateur, which makes such lovely lingerie…and pretty sure Will bought it for me. 

The bruise is from my lovers bite. Multiple times. I like to see these reminders. It’s joined by several small bruises on my hips and ass from being grabbed, hard. Delicious.

Go check out the other lovely pictures Hy has posted for Boobday, by clicking on the pic below:


Then the emotions got even stronger (FL 4)

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