Oh Drew, the truth isn’t much better.

I haven’t written about Drew much because I haven’t seen him much. After our hot couch session, almost three weeks went by before I saw him again. He kept up a decent communication pace with me, checking in most days. But he is in a similar industry to Tony and therefore, rarely knows his schedule in advance. It’s frustrating but at least I understand it.

One day we were texting back and forth – the same weekend I was preparing myself for Kyle’s penultimate cancellation – and talking about some tentative plans to see a sports event. I told him while I didn’t expect him to sleep over if he was uncomfortable, he was more than welcome. It would mean he didn’t have to drive an hour home that night, or try to arrange something with a friend.

He said thank you, and followed with “you and I both know what this is.” Continue reading

An early introduction to lying in dating | Getting "catfished"

I just re-read this post and it still makes me laugh. Even in my early dating days, I knew that something that seemed too good to be true probably was. I also knew that 99% of people have smartphones that can take pictures and that there’s only so long someone can promise to be in your city before you know they are bullshitting you.

I never found out what this guy was really like. Pretty sure he’s a gross elderly obese man who gets off on the pictures women send him. That’s my only regret with this one – I sent the guy a bunch of very revealing pictures (never with my face) of a sort I’d never sent before. The thought that he’s still getting off on them just creeps me out. Yuck.

Live and learn.

Hook Line & Busted | My Catfish Experience