The plumber checks my pipes.

We had a solid pre clearance date. It didn’t end in a kiss because while we were inside talking over a drink, the temperature dropped several degrees and in his shorts, he was far too cold outside to stand on the street and make out.

It was probably just as well, because given how great our kissing chemistry proved to be, we may have made a spectacle of ourselves on that busy street.

He gets up ridiculously early every morning for a 6 am start time. I’m learning this is the downside of dating tradesmen. He asks me how my day is going, he’s been up for hours, and I’m still waking up.  Continue reading

I made a sex machine

Getting drilled. Or, making my own f*ck machine.

If you found this link looking how to make one a sex toy, keep reading. If you’re also curious how a divorced, over 40 year-old Mom got to this place, making sex toys from reciprocating saws? You may be interested in reading more of my blog. Check out my home page or go to About Me to read my story. Enjoy!

I’m starting to think perhaps I have a real problem. I am out of my mind with sexual desire. And the good-but-not-always-amazing sex with Tony just stokes an already out of control forest fire.

Several months ago I read a fellow bloggers post about making a sex toy, and I wanted to do it. And not just any sex toy. A fucking machine, basically. The day I read his post I bought a critical attachment off Amazon for $7 USD.

The ingredients? Continue reading

I'm cursing my libido right now.

While things are good with Tony (who right now is on a solo trip for a few nights) I haven’t seen him since Sunday night.

This may not be a problem emotionally (although y’all know I want more time with him), but it’s a problem physically.

Pretty sure I’ve mentioned my libido is damn high. I’ve been accused of being a nymphomaniac and insatiable. The latter I believe, the former I’m not sure I know enough of the technical definition and right now don’t feel like looking it up.

All that to say, I want to get laid pretty much all the time.

So, I have this great guy who can see me once a week and maybe twice. This is not enough. Continue reading

Things on my bed right now

I’m afraid to use the term “slut mom” because, well, I’ve done that Google search and I know what it gets you.


I’m working at home today since I came down with a cold and I didn’t want to spread any germy love around the office. I’ve been steadily working and taking breaks here and there. I just looked at everything on my bed right now and since it made me laugh out loud, I wanted to share it with you:

  • 2 blankets including a quilt my great-aunt made
  • One of my journals from 1989, which I plan to quote from for an upcoming post
  • My remote access token for work
  • Various computer cables
  • Laptop and mouse
  • Two of my son’s stuffed animals and two of his blankets
  • iPhone
  • Home phone
  • Me
  • Hitachi magic wand (without the gonzo attachment)
  • A large dildo

Yup. If that’s not a strange assortment, I’m not sure what is.

Any of you out there have similar moments?

I suppose I should put at least 2 of those items away before my son gets home.