Two out of three ain't bad (aka I lost my job today)

Well. That didn’t go well.

For the first time in my life, I’ve become “redundant”. It’s truly not personal nor is it performance based – my company is going through a massive restructuring, aided by an international top strategy consulting firm, and the decision was made to combine my team and another team. Obviously, they don’t need two senior executives to run one team. Both me and my colleague are out and they are looking for someone new.

BUT. I’m not totally gone. My former department has offered me a short-term assignment – basically to save me from being exited from the company. Not everyone is so lucky. Several are getting a severance package today.

It still sucks ass. My direct reports and my team are going to be very distraught. There will continue to be lots of change and unknowns for them. We were building something new and amazing and I was looking forward to it. Continue reading