A gorgeous Saturday afternoon, nothing but my thoughts.

Of course that’s not true; I’m with a girlfriend, her parents, and our three collective children. We are, quite literally, in the middle of nowhere. It’s been a night and day of sun, water, swimming, laughs, music, day drinking, and snacks.

I haven’t had any stories I’ve had the time to make a whole blog post but I thought I’d catch up on a few things (and people).

Work has been super busy. Evenings after putting Liam to bed, weekend monitoring of emails, and the like. We are really close to a big deadline and while it’s not gone super smoothly, so far the problems are all manageable. I was brought in to save it and I really hope I prove to have done so. Continue reading

Friends and relations.

I’ve been reading the Winnie the Pooh stories to my son Liam. He’s enjoyed them even though he thought they were for younger children. One of my favorite phrases (lost on the child, no doubt), is when Milne refers to Rabbit’s “friends and relations”, who are often present.

Tony coming back into my life has got me thinking (no shit, many of you will say) about my life and what I need in it. Tony and Fox couldn’t be more different men. I had all the lovely things with Fox and it felt wonderful. It was nice to be treated so well and have no doubt about how a man felt about me. It was intoxicating to think about having someone in my life as a partner and lover – someone who wanted to fully integrate into my world. Continue reading

Acting like a teenager, according to one.

The night Fox left for his week-long business trip, I went to his house for dinner and dropped him off at the airport.

That night I spent an hour chatting with a nephew who was temporarily living with him between graduation and a job relocation. It was nice to see Fox in Uncle mode.

Then I met his daughter who is about to turn 17 – she was coming upstairs for a minute to grab a few things prior to a concert. Sixty seconds of teenager; I’d forgotten what it’s like. Fox had bought cupcakes to celebrate my birthday and I offered her one. Then she was gone.

I couldn’t have messed up the minute too badly because she reported back that I “seem nice”. As did his nephew. As have his friends. Continue reading

The farmer I wanted to f*ck, and other stories. 

It was a jam packed weekend, and I’m glad for it. Tony’s silence and arrival tomorrow is starting to weigh heavy. Friday night I spent with a close friend and her next-door neighbour, and it was an alcohol-fueled hilarious and very detailed conversation about men and sex. It’s great to have good friends with whom I can speak openly, and I’m grateful for them.

Saturday after a sports practice for Liam, he and I drove to my father’s town which is about 90 minutes from my house. My half-brother, who is 16 years my junior, was having a birthday party. I hung out with him and his fiance, some other family members, and his friends.

When I came inside to get dinner, there was a very tall, blonde, and handsome man sitting on a bar stool already eating. I had never seen him before, and didn’t catch his name right away when I introduced myself. Turns out he’s a friend of my brothers from a theatre production they did together. He is Dutch. And a farmer. Literally, yes, a real farmer. A young, handsome, tall, Dutch, farmer.  Continue reading