He sent me roses…

My birthday was Tuesday. Fox is away on a business trip, but made me dinner and sang “Happy Birthday” to me on Saturday night before I dropped him at the airport.

So I wasn’t too sure whether there would be anything else from him on my birthday.

I woke up to a lovely text from him. Liam made me a latte (I must be doing something right as a parent). I fielded a phone calls from Will and my Mom and Step-Dad, and some early Facebook and text well-wishes.

Liam brought me breakfast in bed (a family tradition; I picked yogurt with granola and berries to make it easy for him) and we hung out. I enjoyed how pleased my little son was at doing a nice thing for me. He told me later he could make me a coffee every morning. Continue reading

If there was any doubt as to the power of cookies…

Because I searched online for reciprocating saws to make a sex toy (that I ultimately bought offline), now these saws are cropping up everywhere. In searches, and my Facebook feed (which I’m rarely on).

I know from the work I do that cookies are used for all sorts of things, including to create relevant advertisements online. But this one really makes me laugh.

Like those who said after reading my post they won’t ever look at reciprocating saws the same way (or cucumbers, which I’ve also ruined for some), now I’m reminded constantly of the box under my bed.

For example:

No, that’s not the right attachment.