a threesome with two stallions

A very thorough f*cking.

I’m sore in many places, from my core to my ass. And by ass, I mean anus ;), thanks to a particularly awesome threesome.

I have been thoroughly fucked, perhaps in the way only possible when you’ve had two lovers tag team you for hours.

If you don’t know that pleasure, add it to your list now.

I have seen both Lewis and Clark since my injury, but only once each and not together. Continue reading

…and then there were five.

Alternate title: I think I hosted my first sex party.

I’ve been staring at this screen for a full five minutes. I’m not even sure where to start. The facts, I suppose.

Lewis and Clark were confirmed to come over. Lewis had asked me whether I’d be up for DP and I said sure as long as he was patient and worked me up to it. We had a plan.

He told me also wanted to invite a third man who had a “huge cock”. Continue reading

F*cking Lewis and Clark | An MFM Story

Lewis and I have kept up infrequent contact since I reached out to him after Chapter Two ended with Tony.

He went on a long string of daily gif texts – all MFM threesomes with two black men and a white woman, usually blonde. Sometimes many black men with one woman. All in all it was hot, but sometimes disconcerting to receive in the middle of a meeting when I’m playing corporate Barbie.

He arranged for us to get together with another couple but I cancelled it – I simply wasn’t up to those kinds of shenanigans at the time. I took a rain check.A second time we arranged for an MFM, the second gentleman, Clark, cancelled. I actually can’t remember if Lewis and I got together anyway. I know I’ve seen him a couple of times at least since things ended with Tony. Continue reading

My boyfriend is romantic AND dirty.

Yes. He did this ^^

Fox continues to surprise and delight me. There are many things going through my mind about him but I’m struggling putting it into words. I’ve tried to explain it to friends and the thoughts are starting to coalesce – which means you will see them here soon.

But I wanted to share some recent moments with him. Continue reading

Dating a Fox.

I will say it once (maybe more than that, but I’m trying). Fox and I do not have the same kind of instant and easy chemistry I have with Tony. Nobody has in the last 27 years. So it just is what it is and I have to move on from it. I’m not saying we have no chemistry – but it’s not the same. I fully expect nothing else will be, and if it is, I will be pleasantly surprised.


There are a LOT of things that Fox does that Tony never did. Wonderful things. Things I need and things I want. This post is about a few of those things.

I like it when Fox kisses me. Physically, he’s given me a full body orgasm every time we’ve had sex, and I never got that with Tony, who only let me be on top three times. Yes, that’s right: three times in seven months. Continue reading

When I didn’t plan to be beaten or have sex with a woman (2)

[Part One]

Jason led me by the hand to the play space. It was already filling up with couples and single men. Jason and the husband (we’ll just call him “H”) picked a platform bed. His wife (“W”) still hadn’t said anything but he said “oh, she likes you a lot”.

It was surreal.

H said “we usually like to start with massages; do you like massages?”


I really wished it was Jason’s hands on me. Throughout the next hour I would always know the second he touched me… I suppose after 18 months it makes sense. (And for anyone relatively new to this blog and wondering why Jason isn’t my boyfriend…he found out shortly after we started dating, in the Fall of 2013, that he had a 9 month old. His son lives with him now and he’s been slowly determining with the mother of his child whether they are going to get back together). Continue reading

Sex club aftermath

It’s been a week since my sex club adventures. I don’t regret them for a minute: in contrast, I plan to go again.

Jason felt bad he didn’t engage more at the club. He told me later it was his first time. He also felt odd that I’d had an experience with Dale prior to him showing up. I tried my best to engage with Jason when he arrived, spent time with just him, to ensure he felt connected to me. But it didn’t work, obviously.

He asked me if I would be willing to “take another chance on him”. Yeah, of course! Continue reading