He showed up and fisted me

He showed up in the middle of the night | in my words (2 of 2)

The first half of this story can be found here.

I am not one for evocative sex writing. In my opinion, I don’t write erotica – I don’t write sex well (although some of you have kindly said I do, so thank you), I don’t have the words to describe body parts other than their slang or actual term, or sexual activities and can’t make everything sound beautiful or sexy.

But I suppose those of you who read, aren’t reading because I can make things sound like a Harlequin romance.

His version of the night, which is lovely, can be found here. Continue reading

My boyfriend is romantic AND dirty.

Yes. He did this ^^

Fox continues to surprise and delight me. There are many things going through my mind about him but I’m struggling putting it into words. I’ve tried to explain it to friends and the thoughts are starting to coalesce – which means you will see them here soon.

But I wanted to share some recent moments with him. Continue reading

If I had a sex bucket list, an item would be crossed off.

I don’t have a sex bucket list. I actually find the notion to be limiting rather than freeing.


I suppose I’ve actually already done a hell of a lot, so there’s that. I was 18 when I had my first MFM threesome.

But, I can only add things I am aware of (and I’m constantly learning of new sexual things out there). If I don’t check something off a list, not only does it run counter to my nature, it makes me feel like I’ve failed.

Also, because I’m driven to cross things off my lists and I hate to fail, it could drive me to do something just because it’s on my list, rather than because the situation and person is right.

Bottom line is, for me, it engenders the wrong behavior and has the chance to limit and hurt.

I’m weird that way I guess.

That’s not to suggest there aren’t things I want to try. They are in my head, not written down, and I wait for the magic trifecta of right time, place, and person (or persons!).

Tuesday night was one of those nights. Continue reading

Acting like a teenager, according to one.

The night Fox left for his week-long business trip, I went to his house for dinner and dropped him off at the airport.

That night I spent an hour chatting with a nephew who was temporarily living with him between graduation and a job relocation. It was nice to see Fox in Uncle mode.

Then I met his daughter who is about to turn 17 – she was coming upstairs for a minute to grab a few things prior to a concert. Sixty seconds of teenager; I’d forgotten what it’s like. Fox had bought cupcakes to celebrate my birthday and I offered her one. Then she was gone.

I couldn’t have messed up the minute too badly because she reported back that I “seem nice”. As did his nephew. As have his friends. Continue reading

My mom discovered my butt plug door stop

This was so funny I didn’t want to wait to post it.

So most of you know I’m at home, recuperating from surgery I had yesterday. My Mom went to the hospital with me, drove me home, fed me, made sure I didn’t die overnight, has fed me some more, and will be leaving tonight. Although I’m still really sore, I’m able to move around so think I’m fine on my own at this point.

As you may have read, I am literally using a massive butt plug as a door stop in my bedroom. Some of you commented that anyone would recognize what it is, instantly upon sight.


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Using a butt plug as a door stop. No, that's not a euphemism

So being sex-free for a while has “forced” me to be rather creative with masturbation…whether it be by myself, or via video chat with Johnny. I have built up a decent collection of sex toys for someone who had none only 18 months ago. But last week, I found myself wanting something a little different from what I had in my arsenal.

Arsenal is actually an appropriate word.

So forgive the very blunt next few paragraphs (but really, you’ve come to expect this from me, no?)

I went to my favourite online sex shop and ordered the following: Continue reading