Christmas dinner turkey

The Plumber came over for Christmas, and other stories.

I write this from a country pub on the same property as the small cottage I’ve booked for myself the next two nights. It’s the kind of cottage I should be sharing with a lover or boyfriend. Fireplace, king bed, outdoor spa, indoor soaker tub, fluffy white bathrobes. But despite three men asking if they can join me, I’m staying here solo. Christmas dinner is over and my house (and I) have fully recovered.

I’m here to write. But what I’ve done so far is eat fish tacos, drink a large glass of local Chardonnay, unsuccessfully try to figure out how to import my posts into Scrivener, flirt with my hot bartender, talk to the adorable young couple next to me, and give the female some perspective on her parent’s divorce this summer, after 37 years of marriage. She was bereft that her Mom is already dating someone, who showed up for Christmas dinner.  Continue reading

Passing a chemistry test.

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The next morning around 10:30 Drew sent me a text: “Good morning.. Hope your having a great day so far”. We texted off and on throughout the day, and feeling positive that seeing him two nights in a row wouldn’t be weird, so I told him if Wednesday might not be able to work I was happy to see him that night. He was keen but needed to sort out work – he’s in a creative industry much like Tony where his schedule is rarely known in advance, nor is when his day ends.

It didn’t work out, which was completely fine, and he was very appreciative I was chill about it.

He sent proactive texts that day and the next. I asked if he was still good to get together that night and he told me he “would love to see” me. It felt nice.  Continue reading

I did Boobday again.

Happy Boobday, everyone!

The last time I did Boobday I was on vacation almost a year ago (October 2014) and was “dating” Andrew. I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed.

Hy suggested it was high time I do another boobday, and who am I to let down a friend?

Please hop on over to Hy’s blog to check out the whole post and celebrate boobs!!

(And below is the picture with the lobster claw…) Continue reading

When I didn’t plan to be beaten or have sex with a woman (2)

[Part One]

Jason led me by the hand to the play space. It was already filling up with couples and single men. Jason and the husband (we’ll just call him “H”) picked a platform bed. His wife (“W”) still hadn’t said anything but he said “oh, she likes you a lot”.

It was surreal.

H said “we usually like to start with massages; do you like massages?”


I really wished it was Jason’s hands on me. Throughout the next hour I would always know the second he touched me… I suppose after 18 months it makes sense. (And for anyone relatively new to this blog and wondering why Jason isn’t my boyfriend…he found out shortly after we started dating, in the Fall of 2013, that he had a 9 month old. His son lives with him now and he’s been slowly determining with the mother of his child whether they are going to get back together). Continue reading

Afternoon delight…how to break a sex dry spell

Eight months ago when I first joined FetLife, he reached out to me.  He was my height, built, dark skinned, and well-endowed. He frequents a local sex club; otherwise his life is fairly vanilla. He goes mid-week, in the afternoon.

We simply couldn’t get our schedules aligned to meet, and then I went on a hiatus while I was dating Tony. He was one of the ones (along with Dale and Lisa) I reached out to when I got back online. We’ve been trying to find a time that works for both of us, and it had never worked out.

Until Monday. In the midst of my anxiety about Lewis and whether he was evaporating, I knew I needed to be busier. Work hasn’t really taken off yet and there’s only so much messing about I can do online and avoiding the gym. It’s not that I lack for things to do. Continue reading

Wherein I make the next move and uncover what’s in his pants.

With the early morning text exchange with Lewis, I felt optimism. A nice feeling, for a change. He was flirty and sexy without being crass. I liked it.

We texted off and on throughout the day, sharing some jokes along the way. I’d been busy at work with the new role – finally – and it helped me to not worry about whether a few hours had passed without my hearing from him.

Our first date was Monday night. Through Wednesday morning, we exchanged relatively steady, if infrequent, text messages. He wasn’t as consistent as the school teacher, but he’s definitely not a bad texter.

I started to realize my schedule was conspiring against me. I also started to wonder whether he was going to ask me out again. Continue reading

My gangbang fantasy became a reality – sort of (3)

Part One | Part Two | I went back downstairs in the sex club, where the main bar and activities were occurring. I was a little bit sex stupid and my legs were still shaky from the orgasms.

An ice breaker activity was about to start. As soon as one of the hosts saw me, she came over and enthusiastically asked me if I wanted to join. “Sure!” I said, and she led me over to the middle of three bar stools where I sat, flanked between a naked man with nipple piercings and a naked woman.

The man greeted me and I complimented him on his piercings. I asked whether I could touch one, and at the same time he said “oh I have a prince albert one too” so there was a little confusion and some giggles when I had to clarify I didn’t want to touch his cock. Continue reading

My gangbang fantasy became a reality – sort of (2)

[Part One] | I wore my unicorn necklace again, and packed the black string dress from Dale and Lisa, as well as a short black nightgown in case I wasn’t feeling as bold. I was ready to go to the sex club.

In the change room, I saw the same large breasted woman who complimented me on my shoes. She didn’t remember me, or if she did, wasn’t in the mood to chat.

As I was getting changed into the nightgown, I looked to my right and was pretty sure the young guy getting undressed was one of the men I was there to meet. He was taller, attractive, early 30s, and in good shape but nowhere near as ripped as his profile pictures. “Kris?” I said? And it was him.

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I decided to show you my tits. Again.

Happy Boobday, everyone!

I was feeling inspired, and I knew I would be on a plane at the usual time I put up my posts, so I decided to pop my Boobday cherry.

So, please hop on over to Hy’s blog to check out the whole post…my photo is below.

I chose this photo because it is the image that a lover would see of me in my favorite position. I’m wearing a collar given to me by Ariel, my first significant lover after my split. I’m also sporting some bruise art on my breast and shoulder from Andrew…several days old and it’s still quite noticeable.








My update on 10 straight days of sex

Folks, I’m sorry but this will be short. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go to my lovers page and read about Johnny Id. He’s here for 10 days.

Yes, I scheduled posts in advance to be sure that I wouldn’t leave a gaping hole in the blogosphere. Just kidding…it was really an excuse to write all those half written posts in my draft folder.

But today I wanted to briefly – and I mean briefly – share a few highlights of the visit so far. There will be much more to come…promise.

  • Yes, we had a LOT of fun in the backseat of my car…and gave a construction worker a bit of a show.
  • My son gave Johnny a hug when he met him, then wanted to show him off to some of his buddies. And asked to see his tattoos…twice.
  • Johnny met my ex. Twice. I’m sure he’ll have something to write about him.
  • Johnny fully impressed me by playing Lego with my son for well over an hour. Seeing the two of them side by side, making stuff, warmed by heart more than I can describe.
  • But lest you think it’s all lovely dovey crap going on here this week, Johnny fucked me hard and fast in my bathroom while we were “getting ready”.
  • And ladies, don’t be jealous, but getting a quickie out of this dude is a challenge.
  • The threesome did occur and while it’s kinda fun to have hickeys from two men on my left breast, it didn’t quite turn out the way we planned.

It’s been a really awesome time so far. He’s fucking fantastic. And as bizarre as it was at first having him actually in my space, and in my day-to-day life, I’m kind of getting used to it.

More to cum come.