post-breakup with Leo

I’m cold-hearted.

Before I broke up with Leo, we’d arranged to go see a sporting event together to which I had tickets. When we broke up, we agreed to still go as friends. Classic breakup mistake.

Awkwardly, it was supposed to be the night I went on my date with Kyle, so when he asked me, I worked it out with a friend who had tickets to the game the next night to switch – which worked better for them anyway. I simply told Leo I needed to change the date – and turned out he had the date wrong anyway. So the comedy of errors was resolved without incident and I made myself free for Kyle.

Leo and I have had little contact since the breakup. We haven’t seen each other nor talked on the phone. A few text messages here or there. He’s had some illness in his family so it was mostly about that. Continue reading

at least lonliness doesn't lead to tattoos

Things I did whilst doing nothing

I have consistently used my non-child weeks for lots of things: working late, going to the gym, going out with friends, dates. Sometimes lots of dates, but not lately.

This week I planned absolutely nothing except a brief after work meeting with two colleagues.

It wasn’t all deliberate – I usually plan a couple of weeks in advance, especially since most of my girlfriends have busy life and work schedule and we all need advance planning, but I have been traveling each of the last three child-free weeks. I had planned things for me and the kid, but not much else. Continue reading

So I blame LSAM for my total lack of productivity today…

So I’ve put up a post almost every single day for goodness knows now long now. Except today (well, I guess technically this is a post).

Because today, I got sucked into the “Never have I ever” game that the infernal blogger, Caitlyn McConnell, came up with on her blog Love Sex & Marriage (and please know, that’s said with the utmost love).

I love logic and guessing games.

I’m working all weekend and today, between meetings and calls, I had planned to tackle a few things I just had to get done. Including writing a blog post, getting some presentations done, and working my way through my email inbox, between meetings.

Nope. Fuck productivity.

Between meetings, what have I done? Read new blogs (okay, that was fun) and tried to figure out what things the fellow bloggers haven’t done, but want to do.

I’ve gotten so close to guessing them all, as has ‘Tis…and it’s been frankly a wonderful distraction for the day.

Alas, I have nothing else to share with you today.

I’m back in the office tomorrow for 12 hours so hopefully I will be more productive.

(and BTW, my answer was #10)