plenty of shit has me depressed

I’m trying to avoid being buried by the bullshit

I know I’ve not written at my usual pace. It’s not that I don’t have posts swirling around in my head. There are far too many words to write.

I am working on the next post about Ian. It’s a doozy. But I needed to step away from that to just dump the other shit I’m dealing with out on a page.

First shit? Will, my ex-husband.

He wanted to move to the other side of the world again. Some of you may remember he moved away a year after he and I split up and was gone for ten months, leaving me as a single parent to an angry little boy. It was during that time I met Tony. Continue reading

Boobday | Tony date boobs, bra, and bruise.

This bra was on me; it’s currently hanging on Tony’s bed frame. 


I love to wear bras my lovers haven’t seen yet, and this one was a success, measured by the reaction it got when it was uncovered. It stayed on during sex, along with my boots. It’s from Agent Provocateur, which makes such lovely lingerie…and pretty sure Will bought it for me. 

The bruise is from my lovers bite. Multiple times. I like to see these reminders. It’s joined by several small bruises on my hips and ass from being grabbed, hard. Delicious.

Go check out the other lovely pictures Hy has posted for Boobday, by clicking on the pic below:


Is there such a thing as a ride tester? (The Tony ride, continued)

~Previous Post~

Yes, I took him home. Yes, we had sex; a few times. Yes, it was amazing. Yes, he slept over, we woke up together, had more sex. I got lost in the warm of his furry and strong chest.

But there was no talk of what it meant, of what it changed, if anything. No questions about my status with Fox. It just was what it was.

Later that day as I slung a heavy bag onto my shoulder, I was reminded of the bruise there, left by his teeth. I like that feeling, and I told him. Otherwise, we didn’t communicate the rest of the day or night.

I wanted more of him. I wanted to lose myself in his sensuality and our connection and just be with him. I wasn’t thinking about what it meant; if anything, I knew it meant nothing other than we wanted to spend some time together.  Continue reading

Yes, it’s my birthday month. And I have pictures.

It’s my birthday month. Thanks to everyone who has sent me birthday wishes, both “publicly” and privately. It’s nice to feel the love. I started my blog two years ago today.

I have 490 boudoir pictures that I’ve been slogging through. About 100 I hated. A whole set of me up against a window in poses that made my boobs look smaller than they are and accentuated the size of my stomach and my butt.

However, there are many that I like. Lots I can’t show here without some serious editing – which I might do depending on how I feel. But for now, I’d like to share a few with you that were easy selections. You can thank Hy for her support and Dawn for her urging, which led to this post 🙂


I’m sorry, but I’ve removed these pictures. I realized recently over time, I’ve sent a few of them to select lovers and may have put a similar one on Facebook. If anyone ever did a good image search, they would find my blog. And we all know what happens in that situation. I’m still super proud of them, but they are going to stay private. I trust you understand.

I did Boobday again.

Happy Boobday, everyone!

The last time I did Boobday I was on vacation almost a year ago (October 2014) and was “dating” Andrew. I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed.

Hy suggested it was high time I do another boobday, and who am I to let down a friend?

Please hop on over to Hy’s blog to check out the whole post and celebrate boobs!!

(And below is the picture with the lobster claw…) Continue reading

Selfie Sunday | Wherein I learned from the master

Last Sunday morning, I was in Hy‘s living room as she ordered me around:

Stick your ass out.

Move away from the candle.

Don’t hold the phone that way.

Twist to the right. More!

Lower, that’s nice.

Take shots constantly! Continue reading