Boobday | Tony date boobs, bra, and bruise.

This bra was on me; it’s currently hanging on Tony’s bed frame. 


I love to wear bras my lovers haven’t seen yet, and this one was a success, measured by the reaction it got when it was uncovered. It stayed on during sex, along with my boots. It’s from Agent Provocateur, which makes such lovely lingerie…and pretty sure Will bought it for me. 

The bruise is from my lovers bite. Multiple times. I like to see these reminders. It’s joined by several small bruises on my hips and ass from being grabbed, hard. Delicious.

Go check out the other lovely pictures Hy has posted for Boobday, by clicking on the pic below:


I did Boobday again.

Happy Boobday, everyone!

The last time I did Boobday I was on vacation almost a year ago (October 2014) and was “dating” Andrew. I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed.

Hy suggested it was high time I do another boobday, and who am I to let down a friend?

Please hop on over to Hy’s blog to check out the whole post and celebrate boobs!!

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Selfie Sunday | Trying to master morning pics

Nobody complains when I post pictures like this. I’m putting this up because I liked the shot and think I’m getting a little better at these, thanks to the hands on coaching I got from my friend Hy.

And there’s no bruising visible to make anyone worry.


Selfie Sunday | Wherein I learned from the master

Last Sunday morning, I was in Hy‘s living room as she ordered me around:

Stick your ass out.

Move away from the candle.

Don’t hold the phone that way.

Twist to the right. More!

Lower, that’s nice.

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I decided to show you my tits. Again.

Happy Boobday, everyone!

I was feeling inspired, and I knew I would be on a plane at the usual time I put up my posts, so I decided to pop my Boobday cherry.

So, please hop on over to Hy’s blog to check out the whole post…my photo is below.

I chose this photo because it is the image that a lover would see of me in my favorite position. I’m wearing a collar given to me by Ariel, my first significant lover after my split. I’m also sporting some bruise art on my breast and shoulder from Andrew…several days old and it’s still quite noticeable.