packed an overnight bag for our second date

I had an overnight bag for our second date

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In the absence of him being able to come to me, I chose to come to him. I love to drive and don’t get much of a chance, but I hate being stuck in city traffic.

I was able to get on the road a bit earlier that everyone else going home on Friday afternoon, but it was still a 2.5 hour drive. I called some girlfriends and took some work calls to pass the time, finally arriving around 6:30pm.  Continue reading

If I had a sex bucket list, an item would be crossed off.

I don’t have a sex bucket list. I actually find the notion to be limiting rather than freeing.


I suppose I’ve actually already done a hell of a lot, so there’s that. I was 18 when I had my first MFM threesome.

But, I can only add things I am aware of (and I’m constantly learning of new sexual things out there). If I don’t check something off a list, not only does it run counter to my nature, it makes me feel like I’ve failed.

Also, because I’m driven to cross things off my lists and I hate to fail, it could drive me to do something just because it’s on my list, rather than because the situation and person is right.

Bottom line is, for me, it engenders the wrong behavior and has the chance to limit and hurt.

I’m weird that way I guess.

That’s not to suggest there aren’t things I want to try. They are in my head, not written down, and I wait for the magic trifecta of right time, place, and person (or persons!).

Tuesday night was one of those nights. Continue reading

A unicorn walks into a swingers club…2

For Part One, click here.

What I failed to mention in my previous post was while in the afternoon, I was now scheduled to meet a couple “in the lifestyle”, that morning was my son Liam’s birthday party.

I’m sure I’m not the only one to feel this way, but I find the dichotomy striking between my sex life and being a mom and an executive in a really conservative profession. In moments at my son’s party, I found myself thinking “here I am, being a Mom, doing all the good Mom things, and this afternoon I may get f*cked by some new people. Multiple people. But right now, I’m handing out loot bags.”

Really weird.

I got home from the party (Liam was with his Dad) and had a few hours to kill before it was time for me to go. I texted Jason back and forth to confirm I was indeed, not chickening out. I did laundry. I figured out what I was going to wear. I did some planting on my balcony.

I definitely did things far more mundane than what could be considered appropriate pre-swingers club preparation. Continue reading

Some of the best sex ever, from an dating profile exaggerator

This is still one of my favourite dating stories. While we all know some people exaggerate on their online dating profiles, this was the first time I experienced it myself.

When the guy showed up and looked NOTHING like his pictures, I reminded myself that his personality was constant and some physical parts don’t change all that much 😉

So I gave him a chance and it was the craziest and best first date sex I’d ever had and likely ever will.

When to give a guy a chance | Part One

When to give a guy a chance | Part Two

The myth of pleasure from a cabana boy

One pervasive comment or joke I heard a lot after I became single – from married girlfriends, mostly – is that what I should do is get me some young stud for sex. I mean, they call it lots of different things, but that’s the bottom line. I think this is a fascinating topic and certainly one that has no lack of popular culture references.

One part of the attraction – for sure – is that when a young guy pursues you, it feels really darn good.  I’m 40, and this 25-year-old, who could have all the toned, smooth, energetic young ladies he wants, wants me?  Wow.  It’s a great thing and anyone who says it’s not an ego boost is lying.  I’m not sure what the attraction really is about, however – so I’ve asked many of them. Continue reading

My New Rules

I haven’t yet written about the various letdowns I’ve experienced in the last few weeks, but was inspired by a fellow blogger’s comment last month which said, basically, if she hasn’t met up with a guy within a week she gives them full radio silence.  I can’t do that because I have my son every other week…so depending when we first make contact, it might be 3 weeks before I’m available to see them.

But what I decided is that I am going to “fire” all the guys who I’ve been in contact with for longer than that and we’ve never met.  Enough.  Done.  Sayonara.  They have been removed from my favorites lists so I don’t see that they are online and just not messaging me.  I’ve deleted their text message history off my phone (I saved them to my computer first because some I want to write about and it’s a good reminder).  Finally, I removed their access to any of the photos they had of me, other than my profile photos.  I will try very hard to not go look them up when I’m online.  I’ve been okay with that for the most part, except for “The Model” who I’m having a hard time getting out of my mind. Continue reading

When to give a guy a chance (Part 1)

My first day on a online dating site (in the “naughty” section) I get a “flirt” from a guy and he has a picture and his profile catches my eye because he has, like, an 8 pack and it includes a requisite cock shot and boy is that beautiful and big as well.  His profile says he loves to pleasure a woman, has a high sex drive, likes to take his time, cum many times each time and oh yeah he’s well endowed. And he doesn’t like quickies or one night stands. He’s close to my age and taller. Hmmm.

I respond to his smile and we start to email back and forth…something like this:

Me: “Sorry for not responding sooner…I was overwhelmed with messages and it was my first time on the site. I am looking for someone who can keep up with my voracious appetite so I am intrigued by your profile. Perhaps we can chat sometime?” (I’ve never done this before but figured that sounded good…).

Him: “I am sure I can handle your appetite, I always wake up with a massive hard on and go to bed with one as well. If you want to chat you can reach me at…” Continue reading

When to give a guy a chance (Part 2)

Please start with Part 1.

So… we are kissing in my kitchen and in about three minutes I am soaking wet and dying to take him upstairs. He gladly obliges. If I was writing a book I would spend many many pages on the next section.

Let’s put it like this…we went to my place at about 10pm. We are still fucking at 4am. I’ve lost count of how many orgasms I’ve had. He can literally cum multiple times and he just. keeps. going. Each session is about 30-45 minutes. Then we lay in bed and talk and laugh until he gets that look in his eye (or me in mine) and we kiss and there is he, ready again to go. I ask him to sleep over night (I know, I know…breaking all these “friends with benefits” rules…but it was SO SO SO good I just wanted more). Continue reading