Some of the best sex ever, from an dating profile exaggerator

This is still one of my favourite dating stories. While we all know some people exaggerate on their online dating profiles, this was the first time I experienced it myself.

When the guy showed up and looked NOTHING like his pictures, I reminded myself that his personality was constant and some physical parts don’t change all that much 😉

So I gave him a chance and it was the craziest and best first date sex I’d ever had and likely ever will.

When to give a guy a chance | Part One

When to give a guy a chance | Part Two

When to give a guy a chance (Part 2)

Please start with Part 1.

So… we are kissing in my kitchen and in about three minutes I am soaking wet and dying to take him upstairs. He gladly obliges. If I was writing a book I would spend many many pages on the next section.

Let’s put it like this…we went to my place at about 10pm. We are still fucking at 4am. I’ve lost count of how many orgasms I’ve had. He can literally cum multiple times and he just. keeps. going. Each session is about 30-45 minutes. Then we lay in bed and talk and laugh until he gets that look in his eye (or me in mine) and we kiss and there is he, ready again to go. I ask him to sleep over night (I know, I know…breaking all these “friends with benefits” rules…but it was SO SO SO good I just wanted more).

I fall asleep and wake up the next morning in his arms…totally entwined together. Within seconds of his waking up he’s kissing me again, all over, and we have sex three times before we go downstairs for coffee. We have sex after that. And again.

He hangs out and reads the paper while I go on some conference calls (I took the day off but you know, sometimes one still has to work). And then we have lunch together at a place up the street because we are starving (surprise!) and need energy. Oh yeah, he’s also a smoker which is a huge no-no for me…

He doesn’t leave until 4pm and by then we have had sex 15 times. No exaggeration. I mean really, that’s like 18 months of my marriage. How is this possible? This choice definitely worked in my favor.

His name was Ariel.