Two years ago | Yet another sign.

Some dates will always stick in my head. My wedding date. The day Will and I decided our marriage was over, and the day I moved out.

I moved out just over two years ago. I didn’t note the anniversary because I am on vacation and didn’t know the date. Which is an awesome thing.

But here’s what I found amazing.  Continue reading

I'm not exactly sure what to say. Happy 400?

This is my 400th post. Yay me (that’s sarcasm, for the record). My posts average 1,000 words so I can honestly say that there was no way, when I started writing, I thought I had 400,000 words worth of things to say. Some could argue the quality of the content, no doubt.

I’m not comfortable with writing a self-congratulatory post – the cynic in me says all 400 posts means is I spent a lot of time writing and I wasn’t very brief. For the better part of a year I posted every single day.

Of course, there is no question how valuable this blog, and all of my supporters, has been to my ability to sort through what happened to me before I started writing, and all of my progress since then. I read some comments from this blog to my Mom last night – from some recent posts – and she was amazed at the quality of the insight and the great debate we have here. Continue reading