Bumper Crop Boy 2 | Baseball Boy

I think I need to name him something other than “baseball boy” since I think he’ll be around for at least a little while.  We’ll go with Jason.  He had been contacting me for a while off and on since Oct 20…he would IM me on the naughty part of the site by saying “good evening m’lady” or something like that.  He wrote in decent sentences (“You seem very intriguing and are looking for the same thing I am so wanted to get to know you better“) and demonstrated some respect (“Just because you are in here doesn’t mean you deserve to be disrespected…you are here because you are open and honest about your sexuality and what you are looking for. 🙂“) and notwithstanding the fact that guys lie, actually seemed to have a decent reason for being on that part of the site: Continue reading

Jason….he's back!

I saw Jason again that week.  I had some plans change (someone else bailed on me for a Friday night; the good news I guess is right now, as I’m writing this, I can’t remember who!) so I reached out and asked if there was any chance he was free.  This of course was only after he had said he wanted to see me again.  I was working from home and it ended up that he was able to leave work early and come over to my place.  I plowed through everything so I could be done early.  Boy, was I glad.

The sex was just as awesome as the first time…if not even better.  He’s an amazing tease, and he’s strong, so he will hold me down and I’m literally writhing in pleasure and can’t move at all, until he decides it’s time to change things up.  I had types of orgasms with him that I very rarely have.  He had me in such a state after telling me he had to leave, a bit earlier than expected, that I was almost begging him to have sex with me one. more. time. before he left. 
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I should NOT be a farmer. My bumper crop failed (part 1)

So back in November I wrote about this great “bumper crop” of boys that had surfaced.  I had optimism and thought that perhaps I’d finally get some great dates out of this whole mess.  Alas…while it took a while, they didn’t really work out.  But I have learned another lesson about men and how they really don’t like to close doors (thanks Mom, you were right.  But you don’t know I write this so you won’t see the kudos).

So… First to discuss is Jason.  This door isn’t fully shut but – using this analogy – it’s like a door that doesn’t quite latch but it stays shut for a while until there’s a gust of wind somewhere in the house and then it opens, just a little.  Not sure that works but stay with me and I’ll tell you the story. Continue reading

A brief respite from BS

Sometimes I get some great text messages.  I try to save them, and I go look at them when I’ve been dealing with shit from dudes.

These are two recent ones from men that I used to date and now they just text me every once in a while.  They make me smile. Continue reading

My threesome with Johnny Id

I had a nap on Monday afternoon…I was with my son and we were hanging out at home and I suddenly was overcome with fatigue. So I put him in front of the television (educational, thank you very much) and gave into the sleep.

As I lay still on my bed I let my mind wander…I find if I actively think about things, I will never fall asleep. So I started thinking about Johnny’s impending visit, then how much fun it will be to be in his arms again…

…and the next thing I knew, I am on my hands and knees on my bed. Johnny is standing behind me with his feet on the floor, with a firm grip on my hips, kissing my back and my ass. Jason is kneeling in front of me, and I am sucking his cock while he grabs and holds my hair, firmly. The two talk to each other in murmured tones; the next thing I know Johnny pulls me upright while Jason slides underneath me, his legs going between mine. Continue reading

The measure of 2 lovers is how they respond when you… | Part 1

What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you during sex?

Have you ever had a threesome with two members of the opposite sex?

Any of you have that worst thing happen DURING a threesome?

You getting where I’m going with this? Good.

Let me break it down for you.

Jason, who I have known for almost a year, has been a steady presence but infrequent lover. I’m the only woman he’s had sex with since we met. He joined me and Johnny for our threesome. Continue reading

The measure of 2 lovers is how they respond when you… | Part 2

For this to make any sense, you need to start with Part 1.

So now I have Andrew underneath me and Jason behind me. They start muttering about lube to each other and I know what will happen next. Even with my body being totally relaxed from the multiple orgasms I’ve now had, my brain is a little nervous.

Just before, I’d managed to have two cocks in my pussy (which, for the record, I’m told is generally pretty tight). But this is again new. After a bit of pressure, I was being double penetrated.

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And…then there were zero dates, but some upcoming sex

I guess I should just know that this shit happens. On the one hand I’m happy I don’t have to shower now, but on the other it would have been nice to get out.

Let me back up. As I posted this morning, I had a lunch appointment (I’m not calling it a date) and an after-work date today.

Lunch Appointment

This morning at 8:22 I got the following text from my lunch appointment:

“Hey Ann. I’m sorry but I need to reschedule. My wife fell down some stairs last night and hurt her back. She thought this morning she would be ok but after her sleep she can barely move. Can we reschedule. I’ll figure out when later today. Again I’m sorry.” Continue reading

Jason cums on Friday afternoon

The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hey how was your vacation?
Him: Great thanks, how is work?
Me: Super stressful, actually.
Him: Do you need some stress release?
Me: Fuck yeah.
Him: What’s your schedule like this week?

And before I knew it, Jason and I had made plans for him to come to my place on Friday afternoon for a bit of sexual healing. Continue reading

I turned down great sex today. What's wrong with me?

I’m working at home today – had the Friday morning school dropoff and a few calls and that was it. I also needed to wash and dry what feels like an endless amount of winter gear.

Jason knows I sometimes work from home on Fridays. Last night he sent me a saucy text message (he’s been in pretty constant contact these days, unlike someone we know) and joked he was just going to come on over and give me a good seeing too.

Wow, was I tempted. Sorely tempted. I haven’t had sex in almost three weeks. Now, I’m not out of my skin with desire, but I could use a good fucking.

Combine that with the thought that my relationship with Tony is surely about to end, and I confess I did consider taking Jason up on his offer. Especially if he just showed up at my door, I thought about what I would do. Continue reading