Awards & Nice Things

There are lots of nice people out there who have given me bloggy love. I was named one of Molly’s Top 20 of 2015 and I am both gobsmacked and humbled. She’s been doing it for a few years now and I’ve found some great bloggers through her.

Below are some links to some posts about me or for me (I think there are some I’ve forgotten but will add as I remember them!!). Enjoy.

Hyacinth Jones | Chemistry is Non-Negotiable

Maurnas of Cursitivity | Meeting Ann (this is one of my faves because it’s cool to read the post and the comments about the perception of what I’m like. I suppose anyone who thinks otherwise didn’t speak up!)

Johnny Id’s page of posts about our relationship | Id’s Redbook – Ann St. Vincent

Marian Green | I met another blogger

IsMeIsReallyMe | Ruminating on a fellow blogger’s recent post

IsMeIsReallyMe | For Ms. Ann and Lady M

To the right or below are the awards I’ve had the honor of winning:

And finally, here are two pieces written for me. The author has given me permission to put them here without crediting him, since while we are friends, we never outed me as his muse. These are my favorite:

My dearest Ann, here’s your surprise;
I hope that it will bring a smile
And cause that funk, perchance, to rise
And make you beam a little while.
You are amazing, full of wit,
So beautiful, so charming too,
You tempt me more, I must admit,
Then I should be, but then, that’s you –
My gorgeous temptress, wild and sweet,
Regardless if you think the last
Is true, it is, and when we greet
Each morn, A swelling of my mast
Is sure to come with thoughts, again,
Of my dream lover, dearest Ann.

Business on the Outside

Long, sloping, perfectly curved,
On which, the mind can slip and swerve,
Drinking in with deep delight
The gift of this, a wondrous sight,
Your perfect legs, beneath that suit,
That tempt a passionate pursuit.

And though outside, it’s business all,
You know you have my mind in thrall,
You turn, you bend, a wicked grin
To show you know the mood I’m in,
And then you hike that hem a touch,
Enough to tease, but not too much.

And I am teased, no, more, I’m thrilled
By dreams of fantasies fulfilled
By one whose form is flawless, fine,
With eyes like gemstones, lips like wine,
And perfect curves beneath her skirt,
That quick, my other thoughts, divert.

And yes, I love your wicked tease,
And yes, my lusts, your image pleased,
And stirred in me that deep desire
To taste more deeply of your fire,
And though you are for business dressed,
Tis other lusts you have impressed.

What do you think?