Quick & Dirty Encounters

This page has the links to my less than satisfying sexual encounters with men. If you are looking for “relationships”, aka Long(er) & Still Dirty, go to my main About My Lovers page.

There’s also the Men I Had Sex With Series…which may keep you occupied.

These posts are all from my early online dating days. For more recent posts, use the Categories drop down box.

The Dog Trainer (2014) | A Dominant man who took it a little too far for my liking. He had the biggest hands I’ve ever enjoyed, and he did some pretty dirty things to me. He gave me my first spanking, which I asked for and I liked. But he was just too much of some things and not enough of others, so I said goodbye after our second meeting.

The One (or Two)-Offs  | Yes, more than I care to remember…perhaps best you don’t read them all at once…you might draw the wrong right conclusion about me.  Never mind that this is a partial list!

The Cook | Italian, two dates, one sexcapade.  Not worth the number of words I dedicated to him, but he kept cropping up like a bad rash.

The Model | Super hot, old soul, great phone conversations and a totally awesome naughty guy. Only an hour away by plane but still haven’t met him. Expect I never will.

John the Personal Trainer | One time only, stunning bod, totally selfish, and an expert bailer.

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