Johnny Id

Here’s the short version: A fellow blogger who found me here, read about The Giant and sent me an email. We fell in love. There were major barriers to a successful relationship – we live many thousands of miles away from one another, and that long distance wasn’t going to be eliminated for at least eighteen months.

We had two great visits together, but just couldn’t find a way to bridge the distance and the very different places we were in.

He said to me when we met that our story was a romance and mystery and drama all wrapped up together. Little did we know how prescient his comment was.

Below are the links to what I’ve written about him (he also has a page for me on his website, which last time I looked was still there).

Before I “outed” him as Johnny Id:

Meeting him for a five-day vacation (I still hadn’t outed him):

What happened to me when he acted on his part of our “open” relationship (hint: it wasn’t pretty):

How we dealt with it:

Leading up to our second visit together:

Our second visit together, when he stayed with me:

After our visit:

And the sad / bittersweet…conclusion to our story.

What do you think?