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About My Relationships

I thought it helpful to summarize the key relationships I’ve had during my open marriage and after the split from my ex. Read about heartbreak, drama, joy, and some pretty awesome sex.

To read about my unsatisfying and brief encounters with men (there are many), go to my “Quick & Dirty” page.

There’s also the Men I’ve Had Sex With Series, which may keep you occupied.

To read posts about a specific man, click on their names and it will give you every single one from first to most recent.

Leo | 6 months | I met Leo on Adult Friend Finder in the Fall of 2016. We went on three dates over several weeks, then I took a 6-week break to deal with work, some other men I was dating, and to try to recover from my ongoing Tony heartbreak. Then I broke my leg that December, and suddenly Leo was back in my life in a very nice, kind, supportive way. We dated for a few months but after a trip together, I decided I didn’t feel the way I should about him and broke it off. He asked me to give it a month and reconsider, which I did, then broke up with him again.

Lewis | 3.5 years | He’s my longest “relationship” after my ex-husband. After going on a few dates he disappeared. It was too bad; we had lots in common. After things ended with Tony the second time, I reached out to him again with the full knowledge I was just asking to take advantage of his physical assets. Since then, we’ve seen each other every few weeks. He likes to share and we’ve had some amazing threesomes and group sex adventures.

HWSNBN | 2 months | A new man who entered my life via online dating, shortly after breaking up with Tony. There was an incredible intellectual, physical, and emotional connection, he said some amazing things to me, but things really didn’t end well (an understatement). Most of this story is no longer on my blog but you may find an occasional reference to Sevag: that’s him.

Mr Fox | 4 months | Fox was mature, handsome, lovely to me (until he wasn’t), and very interested in a serious relationship. We dated for a few months and were exclusive and serious. I wasn’t anxious with him; it was calm and that was a nice change. He was the first boyfriend who became a Facebook friend and who I trusted with the knowledge that I blogged. He also couldn’t handle it, and the combination of his behavior, chemistry challenges, and his insecurity killed our relationship.

Tony | 2 years-ish | A great first message on OK Cupid led us to a date just a day later, which was the best I’d ever had. My on-again off-again boyfriend for 22 months. Chapter 1, we dated for five months then spent a couple of months trying to break up with him. The first goodbye occurred after I agreed to be exclusive with Fox (see above). Tony’s sense of timing was impeccable as he reached out after two months of no contact, just as Fox was imploding; I was very cautious when I started seeing him again and we had our Chapter 2. While the earlier challenges were mostly absent, there was still one big issue. I broke up with him a year ago and continued to see him. He lied again, hurt me some more, said he was moving back with his wife, then didn’t. I finally had enough recently. Ish.

The Comedian | I have known and liked him for over 25 years, but we’ve only kissed twice. The timing has never worked out for us. While I’m not sure he’s the right partner for me, I would still like to make sure there are no unanswered questions left between us. Which yes, happens to include what he’s like in bed.

Andrew | 6 weeks | Started off as a threesome with Jason (see below) but turned into more than that…but ultimately, less than what either of us wanted. I wrote a lot about this dude in the 6 weeks we were “dating”.

Johnny Id  | 6 months | He has his own page – you can find it here. The short version? A fellow blogger who found me here, read about The Giant and sent me an email. We fell in love. Slight complication – we live many thousands of miles away from one another, and that distance wouldn’t be eliminated for at least eighteen months. We had two great visits together but just couldn’t find a way to bridge the distance and the very different places we were in. It was six months of love and drama and ultimately, heartbreak.

Jason | Kind, intelligent, the best mix of aggression and respect. But his life went sideways and we never seem to see each other.

Naked Ironing Man (NIM) | 2 months | So hot, so passionate, so incapable of communicating or making time.  I couldn’t ever really stay away and tried and failed to figure out how not to be hurt by it.

Shenanigans (“P”) | 30 year-old super tall, super hot, great cock, great sex, total shenanigans trying to meet and communicate with him. Complete selfish asshole who made me question every time whether it was worth it. Our relationship ended with him texting me “blow me” in anger, not passion. But he keeps coming back for a chat.

The Giant | Considerate, passionate, kind, intelligent, crazy tall, out of work, kinda in love with me, but ultimately, not the right one.

Ariel | Kind, always available, still one of the best kissers of this whole damn lot, and a demon in bed.

Faraway Lover | My first experience during my open marriage.

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  2. I´m a mixture between “P” and Jason, so you got here the perfect one.

    About that Johnny ID, so you could have sex with other people and you would get mad if he had sex with other women? Come on, that´s not fair for the man. Selfish you.

    Still love you though.

    P.S. Man, those where a lot of dudes, let me know where you live because if women there are like you I´m going on over drive and hit on each and everyone of them. Of them women that is.

    • I know it’s not fair…hence the conflict and hence the closed relationship. We’ll figure out the right thing for us, I have no doubt.

      Glad you love me despite my foibles.

      Thank you for being honest…yes, those were a lot of dudes. But sadly I don’t think it’s a common practice where I live. I will start asking around for you!!

  3. I love (and am slightly jealous) of how organized your blog is and how open you are with your posts. I tend to turn my life experiences into short stories, afraid my husband may read between the lines. Looking forward to getting to know you through your words.

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