In case you are wondering…

NOW” didn’t actually mean now. Tony is frantically getting ready for a big project for work and had no time yesterday to talk, let alone text or visit. It’s not looking good for today either.

And I’m not about to say anything like “I have to talk to you”.

So, it just may happen that I don’t get the chance before my party. C’est la vie.

But on the good news front, I’m officially divorced now. The courts signed back our application for an uncontested divorce. It’s done. I don’t really feel any different, except now I know I’d better get around to revising my will.

And I had my general contractor in today to do some things in my house and he fixed the alignment of my bedroom door so that it finally latches and locks.

So, progress in some areas but not others. Not all is lost.

are you beautiful? I asked 100 men what 'physical beauty' is and the results shocked me

I rarely reblog but this is something I wish my female friends and fellow bloggers could really believe, and I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Apparently I'm "almost" perfect. Oh, and something funny for your day.

I didn’t have any time today to write a blog post because I was a) working, b) getting my eyelashes tinted and brows waxed (one of my few girly girl things), c) buying liquor, and d) getting ready for my date.

Therefore, perhaps I can make you laugh. I liked this so much that I may have snorted my proscecco whilst watching. A peek into what I find funny:


In other news, apparently I’m almost the perfect woman. According to (which is kinda like selling women but who am I to judge), based on a survey of 100,000 men, here are the characteristics of a “perfect” woman:

  • blonde hair >> check!!
  • blue eyes >> check!!
  • slender body >> um…
  • non-smoker >> check!!
  • social drinker >> check!!
  • graduate degree >> check!!

This is such a sad state in the world when perfection, apparently, has nothing to do with personality or character.

(and for those of you who don’t know me all that well, I am joking. I am so far from the perfect woman, and I know it)


I’m going to bed, sorry.

I have a post-it note on my desk that says “BED BY 11PM”. It’s been there for 2 nights. Last night it didn’t work. Tonight I simply must sleep. There are dark circles under my eyes and I want to feel great for my date tomorrow night.

I’m super excited to have a real grown-up date where a) we can go out somewhere and b) not have to worry about locking my door and c) be able to hang for a little bit in the morning together.

We are having dinner at my favorite Italian food restaurant at the end of my street – Tony wanted Italian food so I made the suggestion. Then bowling or some other adventure. We are both excited.

But before sleep, here are a couple of tidbits from my week so far: Continue reading