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My name is Ann St. Vincent. I am an executive businesswoman in my mid 40s.  I am a divorced woman and a Mom; my son Liam lives with me half the time.

This blog is my journal.

The last several years of turbulence in my life – involving a sexless-then-open marriage and taking advantage of it, divorce, sexual reawakening, online dating – all while navigating equal custody of my son and trying to maintain a good relationship with my ex – inspired me to get back to writing.

Unlike many divorced women, I am not bitter or angry at my ex for the breakdown of our marriage.  We both agreed we should go our separate ways. I had a 15-year almost totally sexless relationship, and once I was out of it, spent the first year or two getting my mojo back.

It came back with a vengeance.

I don’t regret my choices. I’m pretty happy. I’m not using a dating coach (yet). I fulfilled a lot of physical and emotional needs. I continue to put myself out there, and as a result, have a lot of disaster stories, but some great ones as well.

Life is fun and quite messy and I’m just figuring it out as I go along. For the last while, I’ve been ready for a relationship, but the right man eludes me. I’m an eternal optimist.

Everything here is true and my first hand, un-embellished experience, but the names and details of those I mention are disguised to protect the guilty. Enjoy.

If you are new to my blog, over 900 posts may be a bit overwhelming. Here’s how to get started:

My back story is best summed up in this post which I wrote on my blog birthday in 2014. I have also written a post called Who is Ann St. Vincent anyway, that describes who I am and what I share on this blog. I also have a page that lists posts written by bloggers who have met me (and not all of them were trying to get in my pants).

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62 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Emotionally, have you healed from those 15 sexless years? Every now and then something triggers my past and although I no longer blame my husband, somewhere inside of me there’s a scar. I’m hyper-conscious of recreating old patterns with my new lover, the first real relationship (as opposed to FB) I’ve had since opening my marriage years ago. My connection with him is so deep it scares me. It makes me want to run.

    • I am absolutely still scarred. Some have healed and some I am still discovering as I move into new experiences and relationships. I have these startling moments when I realize the damage. I am completely terrified of making the same mistakes – because then what the hell does that mean about my marriage? Definitely something to write about. Advice is welcome!!

  2. Here is some advice, “don’t take advice”. It smokes clarity out of your mind. In the end whatever decision you make will be yours, not some else’s who has given the advice. Their life won’t be effected by their advice, yours will. Ask for a different perspective, that way you are not on a roundabout with all that advice spinning your mind around. Just putting it out there. Interesting blog 🙂

  3. You stopped by to read my blog. And you liked it. That means you have excellent taste!

    You have an interesting story and you write it well. Count me among your new followers.


  4. I must say, its a breath of fresh air to read a person having such expereinces and life, and be ok with it all…Many tend to lay blame or have anger towards the world. I like how you embrace it all and look forward to the future with, what seems to be, a bright outlook!

  5. Thank you for your kind words at my WordPress blog site. WordPress wants me to blog, I am the reader not a writer.
    I enjoyed your words and am finding my happiness after a 35 + year marriage. Financially it will be difficult but I will be fine. It’s the plans and dreams that need to be changed that I struggle with.
    Happy Happy Happy is my motto.
    If I say it enough, well you know.

    • Fake it ’till you make it! I’m glad to hear you are finding your happiness. It’s a long journey indeed, sometimes. And yes, facing those plans and dreams is difficult, for sure. Good luck! I hope to see you grace these “pages” 🙂

  6. I started blogging about a year ago after a breakup. It’s really super cool to come across your writing–it’s a microcosm of the lesson I seemingly have to keep re-learning over and over again: that the scarring may be permanent, but if you continue to grow and your personal context evolves, the meaning of the scar will also evolve. It’s like your pains are the numerator but your true self is the denominator, and that’s what really matters. Looking forward to more of your work.

  7. Thank you for the follow. I too did the online dating thing, ended up being a big huge con from an ex-con, and a visa marriage grrrrr, lost everything, so unimpressed … and me, a smart lady! Really lonnnnng story. Be careful out there 😉

  8. Hi your words brought home to me my experiance last year,I too trying to find life as I go along,walking out of a long-term marriage is never taken lightly.But nearly a year on,I know I made the right decision..I’ll be reading more about your life in many ways similar to mine…

    • Hi Alan and welcome! I’m glad to hear you know you made the right decision. It’s so difficult when one struggles with that. Look forward to hearing what you think of the rest of my story!

  9. Hi, I went of OK Cupid and I am getting the exact words from MNFSTO on there are you did. All the….I see you want me, and I kind of like watching you work for it.
    Keep it up, and maybe you’ve got a shot with me, cutie…

    but again…

    I am that guy from your dreams…the venom…the fatal virus…a bit of a maverick… independent…stable and adventurous enough to take a few risks every now and again…able to challenge you… excite you and intrigue you – all at the same time.

    I am friendly…smart and sweet… adventurous and passionate…I will make u crave me… I will make u wake up in the middle of the night and wish u were kissing my soft sexy mouth.

    No doctor’s prescription will help the cravings…

    Beside, you are not THAT adventurous…

    Etc, etc, etc……. Like really!! LOL

  10. Hi! I’m a 34 yo mother of two, co-parenting with my honestly pretty awesome future-ex-husband. My marriage has been open about 10 years, although after the getting pregnant with my last baby, my libido tanked and I have been sex-sober for over 2 years. I have recently found myself returning from the bleak and boring sexless postpartum abyss and stumbled onto your blog by happy accident. Reading this page of summaries of your past and present lovers made me LOL, because I have dated guys who could definite share the same nutshells. I had never really thought before of my own lovers and misadventures with them as falling into archetypes, but it would seem that they may exist. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I am excited to read more deeply into your blog. When the toddler is napping, of course….

  11. Thank you for the ‘like’ 🙂 I’ve seen many escorts and wondered about swinging scene but I get the feeling single men arn’t that welcome 🙁 , fantastic site btw I’ll be reading

  12. Hello again Ann, I just wanted to ask you a couple of quick questions and I hope you could be kind and answer.. 🙂 Would be so incredibly helpful. Am thinking of going self hosted and wondering: which host are you using? Are you satisified with your host? Is it hard to get started for a “non-techie”?
    Thank you in advance! 🙂

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