Bruce is Hot

Bruce seems to be back.

Shockingly, the date Bruce and I planned…happened. Having low expectations is sometimes a wonderful thing. And even though we met, I didn’t expect anything to continue afterward.

I’ve been surprised twice now.

We set a weekday night to meet when he was working in the city and I didn’t have Liam. Given past experience, I fully expected something to happen with his work schedule or children. In the past, sometimes he wouldn’t proactively tell me he needed to cancel – I would check in and he’d tell me he was already on his way home, having to now drive a colleague or some other thing.

Not this time.He showed up when he said he would. He had the same nervous energy I’ve come to expect. He greeted me with a big hug and quick kiss on the lips. I could feel his muscles and flat stomach under the fabric of his sweatshirt.

We grabbed drinks and negotiated whether we were going out or stay in – we chose the latter. He’d eaten a late lunch and wasn’t hungry, and I was fine snacking from my fridge.

Sitting on the couch he talked, and talked, and talked. I nodded and smiled and laughed at all the right times but it gave me time to observe him and think. He’s still the man who makes me laugh and can talk about any topic. He’s not boring.

We are very different. He is all tradesman to my corporate suit. He works with his hands and prefers to work alone. I work with my mind and love leading people. The stories of his past are filled with drug trades and women who got pregnant really young and men who went to jail. I was into theater and student government and while I lost my virginity early and got drunk at parties, I wasn’t bad the way he was bad.

He is prone to depression while I am prone to happiness. His finances are a mess and I’m in the upper few percent. He doesn’t know what he’s doing with his life, and I have my shit together.

But none of that really matters.

Especially when we kiss in my kitchen and he bites my lip and snakes his hand around my waist and holy hannah I’m an instant puddle.

I’d forgotten how good it was – I hadn’t seen him since late August. Yes, my brain has to be stimulated first to be turned on. But on top of it, Bruce has exactly the kind of physicality which drives me crazy with base carnal desire. He’s tall, handsome, and muscular. His forearms are a thing of veiny beauty and his hands are big and strong and rough. He kisses exactly as I like and is delightfully aggressive.

And as you may recall, his cock is goddamn perfect for me. He is the only man who has made me squirt simply by putting me on top of him. He’s long and girthy in just the right place. I get wet simply thinking about it.

We made out in my kitchen for a long time and broke apart, breathless. “Wow,” we both said. After a while back on the couch, he lay down with his head in my lap. Not long afterward, hands and mouths found each other again, and not long after that, I asked him if he wanted to go to my bedroom.

“Lead the way,” he said. I couldn’t get there fast enough.

“I need to take a shower,” he said. He’d come straight from a job site and earlier commented he felt sweaty and stinky. “Can I join you?” I asked. “Absolutely.”

I gave him a few minutes to get himself washed up then got naked. Kissing in the shower turned to having sex standing up – which I think is probably the most dangerous physical thing I do, even with a man as strong as Bruce. Fearing imminent injury and not wanting him to try to lift me, I turned myself around and grabbed the metal corner racks as his beautiful cock slid right in.

When my legs started to give out from the orgasms we moved to the bedroom, toweling off as we walked. He went down on me and I returned the favor. I could tell from his response it had been a very long time since a woman had her mouth on his penis.

When neither of us could take it anymore he flipped me over, pressing his weight onto me. Later when we switched positions and I got on top, I squirted within seconds, then uncontrollably giggled in a combination of sheer pleasure and nervousness.

I told myself even if I just had that one time with him, it had been worth it.

But no.

He called me on the way home, worried about a joke he’d made about something I do when I’m orgasming. He told me he was sorry if it hurt my feelings (it hadn’t); he wanted me to know that he wasn’t serious. I appreciated his thoughtfulness.

I’ve heard from him every single day since – two weeks and counting. I’ve seen him again, which was a complete shock. In the couple of months we dated before, I only saw him three times. Now I’ve seen him twice on two weeks.

He had to drive an hour home after work, then he drove the same distance back to see me. It was late at night, so we didn’t have much time together, and he had to also drive back home.

When I expressed surprise he made the effort, he said he didn’t want to cancel given we had another day that hadn’t worked.

It’s been nice, and I have low expectations. I’m in a very different place than I’ve ever been before. I don’t miss online dating. I’m not fussed about how often I see the men in my life. Zane has all but disappeared and it’s perfectly fine – despite my knowing I didn’t want a relationship with him, in the past I would have been irritated that his communication dramatically decreased. Now I see it as a blessing.

So yeah. I doubt anything will come of me and Bruce, but it’s been nice to have a couple of nights where I get to laugh at his stories and cum all over his cock.

Image is of Warren Beatty, in all his rugged deliciousness.ย 

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  1. I didn’t realize how emotionally invested I was in your blog until I was idly scrolling through my reader and saw “Bruce seems to be back” and went, “Wait, WHAT?! I DETAILS!”

  2. Hot and steamy!!
    I think it is great that you are in a different mindset, it allows you to be open to all the wonderful experiences of it!!

  3. There can be a certain sweetness to the reality, as opposed to (or rather, complemented by) the spiciness of the fantasy, and itโ€™s wonderful to see that same sweetness in othersโ€™ lives too. Thanks for sharing,

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