The second part of the second date with Gregory

Part One

We arrived at my place, got inside, I took off my coat, and Gregory was on me instantly. Gone were the perfect kisses I liked. They were replaced by full tongue-down-my-throat action. I don’t know I can call them kisses, I don’t know what the hell they are. I usually end up not knowing exactly what to do.

Those kisses are gross, guys. I feel skewered and unable to react. There’s a difference between a momentary thrust of a tongue down a throat… but keep it there? A whole lot of NOPE.

He didn’t want wine, he only wanted me. We stood in the same place for a while – his hands all over me, his tongue down my throat – until we agreed to go upstairs. Once again, we didn’t spend any time on my couch.

I would love to write about how perfect the sex was, but this is my real life, not an erotica blog. This is my unfiltered life. Not all the orgasms are mind-blowing, not all kisses make me tingle, and not all the men are hung. Some are actually smaller than average. I can’t make everything sound beautiful. Hardly.

Men should know I am very careful to preserve their fragile egos, not only in person, but on the blog as well. I sometimes don’t get great treatment in return, which drives me bat shit crazy, but I choose to take the high road.

Sex with Gregory was far from perfect, but it was an okay start.

He’s very touchy. It was something I hadn’t experienced before (I know, right?!) during sex – a man who incorporates tender touches during hard fucking. I liked it. At one point, after thinking those touches were perhaps a sign of how he felt about me, my inner cynic reminded me it’s likely simply how he is and he does it with all the women he fucks. I hate that bitch, but I think she’s right.

He had decent stamina. He didn’t finish until he wanted to – he even said “this position is for me, not you”, to which I managed to retort with a giggle “oh not true, this one is a win-win”. It was an interesting insight into his ego.

He was dirty, but not overly so. He wasn’t the poet commanding “SAY IT!” – thank goodness because it would have made me laugh. He said things like “do you know how many ways I’m going to fuck you tonight?” to which I could only reply “unffff” because he was fucking me at the time.

I will say, however, that given that question, I was expected to be fucked for hours in multiple ways. It didn’t happen. I have a very high benchmark.

I liked his style. I find sometimes it’s hard for men to have the right balance between respect and aggression. I tend towards submission but don’t consider myself a sub. I like it when a man is willing to take charge during sex. Gregory was good at moving me where he wanted, when he wanted. He knew how hard to bite my shoulder and grip my hips with his hands.

After the first round, we talked and talked and talked. I wish I could remember all of the things we spoke about. I’ve become focused on the mechanics of what’s happened and have neglected to share all the things I’ve learned about the man he is. I like what I know. He seems balanced and mature and confident, but not too arrogant. He’s got a great mind and he intrigues me.

We had the second round well after midnight.

When I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore and started to fall asleep mid-sentence, I tucked into his long frame and we fell asleep snuggled together. It was very comfortable.

He’s as still as I am when I sleep, so I managed to actually get a good sleep. When I first roused the next morning, he sought me out, coming closer to spoon with me. It was one of my favorite things Tony used to do in the mornings, and it made me smile.

Morning sex was had, although far too quick for my liking. He came and I didn’t, so I had to ask him if I could ask him to put his hand between my legs. He obliged me.

Before we went downstairs for breakfast we talked about when we could see each other next. He was free both Friday and Saturday so we settled on Saturday night. He said anything prior (in addition) probably wouldn’t work because he had a busy week with clients. It was fine by me; I was extraordinarily busy as well.

We kept talking over an espresso (him) and latte (me) and a simple breakfast. He told me he lost a large amount of weight in the last couple of years so he tries to be fairly healthy. I was ready to make him bacon and eggs and he said he’d be fine with a piece of toast. Then he spied my cottage cheese and asked if he could have some. It made me laugh because most people think it’s disgusting but it’s my high protein go to breakfast.

He knew Liam was arriving around 10:30 so he left at 10, with a kiss and a wave as he left my front steps.

12 thoughts on “The second part of the second date with Gregory

  1. Glad you came back to this, though I have very negative association with the name now. (like one of your other experiences, Mr. Don’t Have Time Right Now reactivated and updated his online profile, now seeking a serious relationship…which I found out when I, under a new name/fresh start, got immediately matched to him 🙁 )

      • I am torn between calling him out on it now, calling him out on it if he contacts me later, or idk. I know he’ll just not respond to anything I send, thoughtful or not, so it’ll just hurt more. I freaked out and deleted my profile again, obviously I am not meant to be doing this.

        And to answer about men being douchebags: no doubt women can be too, but I don’t date them so I can’t kvetch about them.

  2. “Let’s face it, lots of dudes suck” Let’s face it, lots of girls suck. Especially the ones who feel thay are the “good girls” but are actually douchebags.

  3. Ann, I missed this the first time around but reading it now, is it possible that *he’s* a blog reader and figured out who you are, then moved in on you? Some of the similarities are uncanny stacked up with the outing of the blog. Sorry if it’s been mentioned before.

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