Dan the Plumber still lives

If you’ve been monitoring my “men in the mix” page you’ll have seen that Dan the plumber is still around. He is an odd duck in a very cute package.

He texts me every morning and every night. He constantly asks what I’m doing – to an annoying degree. We haven’t had sex in weeks. But did I mention he’s cute?

For example, I will have Liam and he will text me in the evening. I will tell him I have Liam. He knows his bedtime is around 9 pm. Dan and I will text afterward, yet the next morning he will ask how my night was.

He’s been very curious about whether I’m seeing anyone else. I’ve been honest with him, to a point. When he gets far too specific I simply say “why do you need that information?” and that usually works to end it.

He’s not like John; he’s not trying to lock me down. He says he appreciates my honesty and simply prefers to know. He’s interested in some of my kinks – threesomes, for example – but it’s all a theory to him still. He asked me recently if I’d consider one and I told him the two of us have to establish our own sexual relationship before I’m about to extend it to any others.

You may wonder how its possible we haven’t established much of a sexual relationship yet. I wonder too. After our date at the cultural event, at which we kissed a bit but that’s it, we haven’t had sex. Well, not really – see below.

He sold me an old computer of his. I have a home desktop computer, a work laptop, and an iPad. But writing blog posts on the latter is annoying, so I would find myself occasionally doing blog stuff on my work laptop – and I knew I shouldn’t.

So I’m now the proud owner of a MacBook Pro, which works great since I upgraded the memory. As a sidebar, it’s been a challenge getting used to the keyboard shortcuts since I’ve been a power PC user for a very long time. But I’m getting there.

I say all this because one day on a weekend when I had Liam, Dan offered to drop the laptop off since he’d gotten it reimaged at Apple. I said yes, thinking he’d show up and leave. I had no issue introducing Liam to him as a friend. Dan and I had plans for him to come over later that night after Liam went to his Dad’s.

But Dan stayed. All afternoon.

I guess on the plus side, he was comfortable. But I would have preferred to have the time with Liam to myself. Liam was nonplussed.

Dan stayed in my house when I dropped Liam off. When I came back, I expected a good makeout session, dinner, and sex. I only got dinner, which I made.

We managed to make it upstairs to my bedroom, then as he put his fingers roughly inside of me, one of his fingernails must have cut my insides. “Oh! You’re bleeding!” he said in a panic. “Ummm… I’m not on my period, you must have just cut me” I said as he rushed to my bathroom.

That was the end of it that night. No sex for Ann. He’s weird with blood and fluids. He won’t put fingers or mouth anywhere near me if he’s already cum inside me. I found that out after one night that instead of playing around for a while he went right for penetration, came quickly, then told me he was done because he “couldn’t do it”.


Its been a rough and busy several weeks for me at work. I’m tired and stressed. I haven’t been up to going out all that much. I find the tables are turned with Dan: a few times, he’s wanted to go out and I simply don’t feel like it. But more often, he will say he will come over, then bails.

I haven’t cared all that much – it’s not like we are making dinner or event plans. But its irritating nonetheless. There have been nights when what I need is a drink, some decent conversation, and good sex. I’ve expected it from him and don’t get it. I barely remember what it’s like to kiss him.

That’s a lie. I remember: it’s really good. Better than anyone else I’ve kissed lately, to be honest. He’s so damn cute and compactly muscular.

But odd.

He’s a quirky cancer survivor. I chalk a lot of his oddities up to his medical challenges. Ever the diplomat, I try to be patient with the forgetfulness he displays in text. But I know we aren’t relationship material. He’s fun to hang out with and when I can lift my head up above my work, perhaps we can have some fun times out together.

But before we do that, he needs to show up when he says he will, and fuck me proper.

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  1. Sounds like he’s one of those people who can’t take “hints”, and just isn’t good at reading social cues. You have to directly say exactly what you’re thinking to him.

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