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Clearing the stable to make room for Gregory

While it was very early days with Gregory, it was a good a time as any to clear the stable of men to make some room, both mentally and physically.

Late the next morning, Gregory messaged me with the text from his friend who had failed to deliver the Veuve Cliquot as requested. I was so pleased he even thought about it, I wasn’t fussed. And even better, I liked that he had talked to his friend about me.

He told me he had totally restrained himself that night in my kitchen. I loved it on two fronts: that he found me appealing, and that he had some self-control. He said he didn’t want to scare me off, and I told him it was good he now knew it was an unwarranted fear.

Which immediately had me thinking about what would happen the next time I was alone with him. 

I said I could relate to scaring people off, and he said he would make up for it. I liked the flirtation. We agreed we would have fun together but there was a deeper connection as well, which he said is how we get to have even more fun.

Later that morning I asked him if he knew what the week looked like. I explained I had Liam for the week (except Friday) and he’d be welcome to come over after his bedtime. I also said my Friday night plans with a girlfriend had fallen through (true) and was now free.

He said he could do Monday or Wednesday then “probably” Friday as well.

I resisted the planner urge to ask when he would know about Friday. I just said, “sounds terrific”.

I had relayed my excitement about meeting Gregory to my Mom, who told me to ditch the stable and the pipeline. I’d had a first date lined up for the following Tuesday after work, and I knew I didn’t want to meet a new person when I was keen to see where things went with Gregory. I was already busy enough with others and didn’t need additional complications.

So I cleared out my stable a little.

I texted that first date and told him I’d met someone and although it was early days, it seemed disingenuous to go on a first date when there could be potential with someone else. I added the caveat that if it didn’t work out, perhaps he’d be open to me reaching out again. He thanked me for my honesty and said absolutely he’d love to hear from me. He was from out of town anyway, so he wasn’t a top contender as it was.

I sent another man who had been trying to set up a date the same message. He also thanked me and wished me luck.

I broke up with John.

I had a date with Dan the plumber for that night.

Early evening I got a text from Gregory about my favorite sexual position (turns out, we have the same answer… there are three that are my favorites, for different reasons) which led to me asking if he had sex on the brain. He said he was a very curious person on many levels. He said when he talked to his friend about me he spent much of the time talking about a business deal I’d been involved in.

It seemed a good sign that he’d talked about me to a friend. And helped reassure me that the sex talk wasn’t his priority – although we both agreed it was a very important component of a relationship.

I went about my business on Saturday. I wrote a ton of blog posts about John and started to write about Gregory as well. I wanted to refer to our Tinder dialogue but didn’t want to be active on the site in case it would update my location. I also didn’t want to see if he’d been online, since he was in a different city and would show up accordingly if his app had been active.

For all I knew, his being on the site could be because he was showing someone my profile. Or, because it was just after one date, he was likely still talking to others. I didn’t know and I didn’t care to know – it didn’t matter to what was happening between us. He was making me feel pretty damn good.

But I didn’t want him think I was active there, so I put my phone on airplane mode before opening Tinder. I looked at our text history and resisted the urge to look at his profile. Perhaps I’m maturing after all.

I didn’t hear from him at all that evening, or the next morning until 10 am. Which was fine, because I was with the plumber.

We texted a bit throughout the day. He asked what time I got Liam because he was considering coming home that day. But he ended up staying to have dinner with his children. Again, something that was a good sign to me. He wasn’t so desperate he was rushing home to see me. He had his priorities in the right place.

He checked in with me via text before going to bed and we had a brief exchange.

Monday we were supposed to get together after Liam went to bed. He texted me after 6 pm saying he’d just gotten in because the drive was worse than expected. He asked whether it would be okay for us to wait until Wednesday. He said he was exhausted from his trip and actually had fallen asleep on his couch.

I said, of course, it was no problem. I was pretty tired myself and knew a good night’s sleep would be good. I replied at 7 pm I was glad he was back safe, and he never replied.

While I was sure he’d told me the truth, the cynic in me wondered whether perhaps he’d made alternate plans. I hate that cynic, she’s a product of all the douchebags who’ve come before.

Only time will tell.

Image from the 1949 movie “The Great Sinner”

9 thoughts on “Clearing the stable to make room for Gregory

  1. Ah yes that cynic is one crazy bitch I have to flush out of my mind from time to time.
    I like where this is going and wish you the very best Ann!!

    • Thank you my lovely. It’s really hard to not be cynical. Or at least to not let my concerns influence my behavior. Don’t want to ruin something before it has a chance to really start.

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