My bananas week.

If I’ve done this before, it was long ago enough I’ve forgotten.

This week I set out to meet (and maybe have sex with) as many men as possible, within the constraints of work and my need for sleep. I needed to remind myself that there are men out there who are interesting to me. And I decided to not do it half-way.


Jake told me Saturday he was no longer able to meet for our planned evening of conversation and sex, so I was keen to fill the spot.

I had a first date with the blue-eyed and hot-bodied plumber who misjudged the local traffic, showed up late, and then was too cold in his shorts and t-shirt to give me enough of a kiss goodbye. We talked a lot about dating and even sex – he seemed pretty cool.


My second date with the contractor who I fully booty called. It had been over three weeks since I’d had sex and I needed it badly.


I was supposed have dinner with another contractor, who I’d already had a couple of multiple hour phone calls with. He isn’t a big texter, especially during the day since he works with his hands and isn’t on his phone. 

Although he seemed to be a stand-up guy, when he canceled because he had to deal with some legal issues relating to his in-progress divorce (flashbacks of Bruce!) I wasn’t sure if he was backing out for good.

We tentatively made plans for Friday night.

Thankfully Lewis happened to text and within minutes offered to come over. He was exactly what I needed. A great sex session, leaving early enough for a decent sleep.


A first after-work date that I knew within 10 seconds didn’t have the physical chemistry I wanted. We sat at a bar, had a few drinks, ate fish tacos, and talked about dating and relationships. En route to the bathroom, I passed a man who had hit on me shortly after I arrived. We spoke briefly and he asked for my number. I didn’t have my phone and told him to “figure it out”. When he left with his friends, he dropped his number on a receipt into my bag.

Went from the bar home to meet the dirty poet, who slept over.


The plumber asked what time we were meeting that night. Whoops. I thought I’d told him I had tentative plans. I checked in with Jake, with whom I had tentative plans rescheduled from Sunday, with the hopes it would work to see the plumber. But the plumber works early in the morning so decided it was too late to meet.

I came up empty, but the contractor who bailed on Tuesday texted to firm up Friday, so we talked on the phone for multiple hours yet again. I tidied up my neglected house, changed my sheets, and had a decent night’s sleep.


The man who said we would go out after work on Friday never got in touch, and I was fine. The plumber asked again to go out with me but I told him I had dinner plans.

I worked until 6 pm and went home to get ready for my date. I hadn’t heard from him all day and was slightly worried i Mr wasn’t going to happen. 

But it did. And it was good.

15 thoughts on “My bananas week.

  1. Awesome! I want a week like that! Lol unfortunately I’m dealing with the ‘change’ and haven’t been able to make plans for any rendezvous because my period seems to be with me Most days- Very Frustrating!

  2. Sounds busy but fun! I admire your ….. crap, it’s Saturday afternoon and I just had 2 tokes. I’m entering the comfortably numb stage. Crap typing that previous sentence took eternity. Ok where was I? Oh, yes Ann and her busy week. I was searching for the right adjective to describe my admiration for ASV……Determination and hope for a great connection that you showed thru action. Yeah that’s what I was trying to write.

    • I recognize it’s also difficult to schedule dates with men who work in very different professions. The tradesmen are up really early and physically exhausted at the end of their day. I might be mentally tired but sometimes want to have interactions. They just want to sleep. It’s also hard for some to understand how busy my days can be.

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