I’m recovering. Kinda.

This is going to be short. It’s late at night, I’ve had too much red wine, I’m tired, sad, and my gut hurts.

I had my gallbladder out a week ago. Those of you who follow me on Instagram would know, but I didn’t write about it. I’ve been recovering and just went back into the office today. I experienced a common after-effect of surgery – depression – which thankfully didn’t last but was disconcerting regardless.

The sadness lingers but yesterday I could finally feel it starting to lift. My middle still hurts but each day is an improvement. Bruce has been in touch most days to send me wishes that I’m feeling better. It comforts me he’s been in touch – perhaps he wasn’t lying about it not being me. He’s been consistent in that he’s not calling, not having long conversations. Which is fine.

I’m been sad and its hard to know if it’s from the surgery or because I’m sad about dudes. I’m certainly in a different place than before. In a weak and depressed moment, high on Oxy, I restarted my Bumble account. But its mostly been a whole lot of nothing. No excitement, no frustration, just… blah. Which I’m okay with, and I know its a matter of days if not hours that I close the account again.

I saw Leo and it was depressing if mildly comical. I will write once my head is clear. Alan keeps pestering me to see me and I will admit he’s worn me down and I’ve agreed to a drink.

There’s not much else to report other than I’m bummed I haven’t reached my weight loss goal with the removal of the organ. Kinda figured it might get me there.

On a positive note, it’s time to vote for your favorite sex bloggers. Molly runs the Top 100 Sex Bloggers list, which is a massive undertaking, and you can find her nomination page here. Please think about who you’d like to see on her list and please nominate them!

The other list is run by Kinkly and I’ve never made their top 100. I need five people to nominate me and then they will review my blog. Go to this link and vote! Thank you in advance for all of your support.

I will be back writing shortly, just need to get my head straight and my incisions to stop itching.

23 thoughts on “I’m recovering. Kinda.

  1. I’m happy to hear you’re on the mend, Ann. Don’t worry about the sadness, it’s normal post-operation, between the meds and the fluids/IV, having to rest, etc. All those things add inflammation and water retention, give yourself a few days after you stop medications for better accuracy on what the scale says. Onward and Upward, girlie! Always onward and upwardXO

  2. Already voted the other day – think i was the first on molly’s comments to vote for you actually, but yours is the best diary type sex blog for sure

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