Completely fine with foiled plans.

Note: I hadn’t finished this post when the can’t do this” text came in from Bruce. So it’s a little out of order…


On Monday night, I was certain I was going to have a busy week of casual lovers. I’d been with Todd on Sunday night. I had plans with Jake for Tuesday and tentative plans with Clark for Thursday. It felt rather hedonistic.

Sunday night with Todd was exactly what I needed. I was out-of-town for work, arriving in the late evening by plane, and he drove two hours just to see me. We ended up barely talking. Over discussions about American football at the hotel lobby bar, he connected with a colleague of mine. When I met Todd at the bar, I couldn’t exactly ignore my colleague, so we ended up talking more than Todd and I.

By the time we went up to my room, it was all about the physical connection. Having someone make that much effort to see me and revel in my presence for hours, was perfect. He adores me. I left him in the hotel bed the next morning to go to my meetings.

But then I tried to get fancy with my plans. Clark couldn’t do Thursday but he could meet Tuesday. I asked Jake if he could switch to Thursday. He said it should work.

Tuesday came and Clark had to work later than he expected. I wasn’t going to let him come over at 11 pm on a work night, so I didn’t see him. I wasn’t hurt, just disappointed in being denied the awesome sex that he provides.

Wednesday night I went to an event with my kid brother, who lives out-of-town. I expected him to sleep over so hadn’t made any late night plans. But he changed his mind and drove home that night.

Thursday my plans with Jake fell through. He knew he had a dinner but it went way later than expected. He was very apologetic but it was far too late when he was done. I hadn’t been feeling well all day – probably a side effect of the crap food I’d eaten the night before – and bailed on my personal trainer to go home.

I sat at my kitchen island on my computer for a couple of hours, then decided I should use my time to deal with some tasks I’d been avoiding and prep for a party I was having on the weekend. I thought about turning on the television but reminded myself that’s all I would accomplish for the night.

I have also been trying to not lose myself in my phone. I read the news and magazines on it, but I find it very easy to spend hours on social media. It’s one thing if I’ve read an interesting article, another thing when I can’t remember any of the funny memes I’ve been looking at.

Friday night I had an event with my Dad who lives out-of-town. He too was supposed to sleep over but changed his mind last minute. Clearly, I don’t get the planning genes from his side.

So only Todd came through for me – and he had a two-hour journey to see me.

Where is Bruce in all of this? Well, not with me.

He has been in contact every single day, but with less frequency than before. We’ve spoken on the phone a few times. I’ve done a decent job at not asking him if he could see me. I was busy and he had his children. But he had to cancel our plans for him to join me at the event on Sunday.

Turns out his ex is taking their daughter for a birthday overnight away on Saturday night. They aren’t returning until mid-afternoon on Sunday, so he has his son until then and coming to my place for noon, as we’d planned, is impossible.

He said, “maybe once I drop off my son I can come down and we can have a few drinks?”

“Sure,” I said, fully expecting it won’t happen. His ex will arrive late and there will be some minor drama and it won’t work.

But it was okay. My house was prepped for my party, I got some stuff organized for school for Liam, I dealt with some messes I’d been ignoring, and I got some good nights sleep. I’ll give myself a passing grade for week one.

2 thoughts on “Completely fine with foiled plans.

  1. Sounds like contentment is starting to make itself known to you.
    Good for you!
    Things sometimes don’t work out, and that’s okay too.
    Revel in the time you have to get things done.
    Now if I could only get my unmotivated arse in gear! LOL! I swear my laundry will be walking down the hallway to attack me someday! 😉

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