Bruce… he of the magic (2)

I hit “publish” by mistake on the previous post. Whoops. I wasn’t going to create a cliffhanger, but those of you who follow me on Twitter already know what I was going to say.

Bruce and I decided to leave my couch and go for dinner. As he moved to stand up I said “ummm can I kiss you before we go?” and he immediately said “yes”, shaking his head to himself as if to say “Bruce you are such a dummy” as he leaned in to kiss me. At least, that’s what I’m hoping the reaction was.

It was as good as the first kiss on our first date. Perhaps better, because it lasted way longer.

I think you can tell a lot about someone’s sexual style and approach based on how they kiss. Do they respond to a partners cues, do they mix up their styles, do they seem to delight in the act itself. Are they relaxed.

Bruce is that kind of kisser, and I love it.

We decided we’d better stop before dinner was forgotten. 

We walked to a local restaurant – not hand-in-hand. It wasn’t an issue for me as it’s a rather comfortable act, but I noted it and thought about it in comparison to others.

Dinner was great. He had a beer, I had wine, and I liked that he ordered a large salad with chicken. Why? Because it’s a nice thing to be with a guy who cares about eating well. I will tend to eat worse when my partner does and someone who has a good balance is appealing..

We talked about a variety of things. I asked him what his dating life was like in the past two years since he’d been single. He said he hadn’t dated, he worked and focussed on his children. I asked why he joined Plenty of Fish and he said a friend had encouraged him to do so. He said he wasn’t the type to go to bars or meet women socially, and although he’d had someone hit on him through work, he wasn’t that interested in her.

My guess – and I could be wrong – is that while he hasn’t dated with the intent to have a relationship, surely he’s had casual encounters. I suspect he didn’t want to admit it lest he be judged. I don’t get the sense he’s lying about not meeting women and being clueless when they are hitting on him – he does seem slightly awkward. Or he’s a master at knowing exactly what to say.

He paid for dinner – I offered to split it and he declined – and we went back to my place. Shortly after sitting on the couch, we were kissing again. It seemed to last a very long time and it was delicious. His hands roamed but not aggressively so. This was not a man overeager to get to the main event.

While I may have had to ask him to kiss me the first time, he seemed to get into the groove and move things forward all on his own. After probably 20 minutes of just kissing, he pushed me gently on to my back on the couch. It happened organically and slowly, and got way more heated.

He didn’t put his hand down my jeans, but he wrapped his hand under my ass to lift me closer to him. His lips didn’t meet my nipples but he lifted my shirt to kiss my stomach. I was incredibly turned on, but when he put his weight on me, one leg on the floor and the other on my couch, his hard cock grinding on me as we moved together mimicking sex, I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Can I take you upstairs?” I asked.


He followed me to my bedroom, I turned around and walked backwards into my room and we kissed and groped our way inside. He lifted my shirt off and pushed me down onto the bed. I was freed of my jeans and black lace panties and he put his face between my legs.

When he came up for air I got my first opportunity to put my hand in his shorts, and feeling his cock on the outside of his boxers I wasn’t disappointed. He was quite literally rock hard. He seemed long and girthy but it’s hard to tell from that angle.

We took our time but eventually, I unbuttoned his shorts and used my foot to slide them down his legs and off (later I discovered I didn’t get them all the way off: he still had them wrapped around one leg and his socks were on).

I felt his hardness against me as we kissed, and he surprised me by entering me quickly and OH MY GOD THAT FEELS UNNNNFFFF was the last coherent thought I had.

Simply put, his penis was goddamn magical. He was very hard and girthy and not so long it hurt, but just perfect. While I adore the moment of first entry with a lover, and I’ve had some magical lovers, this was the best in my memory. Ever. And we all know what an achievement that is.

He fucked like he kissed. He was sensual and slow and grindy and responsive. I was so overwhelmed I started giggling. I couldn’t believe how insanely good it felt and how well we moved together. I don’t think he could believe it either, because he came in about five minutes. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” he said, “it’s been a while.”

I explained there was genuinely no apology necessary; it felt incredible.

I put my head on his chest and we talked. I took off his shorts and socks. He stroked my arm and back and I played with his still rather hard cock. While not small, it looked smaller than it felt inside. No matter. When I realized he wasn’t losing his erection and in fact seemed to be growing, I climbed on top of him…

…and again proceeded to lose my mind. I squirted within minutes, and it’s rare that it happens a) penile penetration, and b) with me on top. Only once that I can remember – the first time I ever squirted, with Faraway Lover.

It didn’t even really register at first, but then we were soaking wet and our bodies made a lot of splooshing noises as we moved. More giggling ensued. He was cool with it all. But we eventually got very heated and pulled apart for water. I turned on the fan beside my bed so he could cool down.

We talked some more. He apologized for having to leave but needed to go home that night. He had pets that needed his attention and didn’t have his work stuff with him. It was no issue; I’d known before that a sleepover wasn’t in the cards.

I kept touching him and noticed he was again hard. I asked him whether I could have “a little more” before he left, and he was happy to oblige me. I said I’d been told I have the libido of a 16-year-old boy and he seemed pleased to hear it. He mixed up the positions and I loved every minute. This time he came again with a shudder and I was very pleased he’d had a two-orgasm night.

We joked as he left that we couldn’t keep kissing goodbye lest we end up having sex again at my front door.

I floated back up my stairs in a great-sex haze. But for every “woah that was awesome” thought, I had an “okay Ann I bet it’s over now” counter-thought. I did my best to put my brain to rest – because I desperately needed to sleep.

9 thoughts on “Bruce… he of the magic (2)

  1. Right… now I’m curious 🙂
    Glad for you both that you had such a lovely evening, and night, but… I want to know what happens next! (I know, I’m that awful reader who has to read the book in one go, which is obviously impossible when the story unfolds in front of our very eyes!)

      • I know you didn’t do it on purpose (you’ve been much better than me at keeping us up to date on your dating life! So many things I haven’t written about. And am having trouble getting to!)
        I’m hoping for the best for your next date. At least your fear of “now it’s over” is unfounded 😊

  2. Bruce sounds very promising, especially after that wonderful night. Don’t think too much and just enjoy the memories and look forward to another hot date.

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