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I may be dropped, but I bounce.

So, Jack broke up with me. It’s been a pretty rare occurrence in the past four years, which I suppose makes me lucky. Not that I haven’t been heartbroken, but I usually do the ending it.

I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I hadn’t fallen in love, and I appreciated Jack’s honesty and reasonably early recognition that he wasn’t emotionally ready for any form of relationship. On the other hand, I really liked Jack and saw potential with him, and am frustrated with how things played out.

Of course, I do wonder if he will come to a later conclusion that I also wasn’t the right person for him. I still don’t know if readiness can be forced, or overlooked, for the right person.

If not for his asking for exclusivity I would still have been engaging with others, so there was no reason not for me to do so again.

Lewis and Clark didn’t even notice because neither asked to see me. But we now have a date for next week. Perhaps with both of them: Clark is yet to confirm. The bonus? Todd is in town. He hasn’t been able to travel the last many weeks, but he will be here and is joining Lewis and me. I may have three big black cocks to play with!

I also reached out to Jake, who I proactively told about Jack and who was very cool about it. He and I are both looking for a relationship so it could happen at any time to either of us. He and I have a date for the following week.

There was one man who I was actively talking to on POF when I met Jack. He too was selling his house (although I don’t think he was still living with his ex) and a few days after I met Jack he asked me if we could put off meeting by a few weeks until he got his stuff sorted. I was fine to oblige because it gave me time with Jack to see where it went.

Well, the other man never reached out but I wasn’t above sending him a follow-up asking if his “dust had yet settled”. He said no, but he’d love to see me anyway. Within a few texts he asked for a specific date and a few more texts later we had a reservation after work for drinks.

I am excited about it – he and I had a great first phone call so I know we can at least talk to each other.

So the stable doors have been opened again. But that’s not everything keeping me busy.

A photographer I met three years ago has consistently reached out every several months to ask if I’m ready to do a boudoir shoot with him. I’ve been saying no for three years either because I was dating someone who may not be keen, or because I wanted to lose weight. He asked when I was still dating Jack but I hadn’t gotten around to asking him what he thought. I decided I should just go for it, weight be damned.

When the photographer reached out on FetLife I noticed my profile still referenced Tony, so I made some edits. Within 48 hours I received a number of messages from men. One’s message caught my eye. He said he was an athletic 6’6″ gentleman who liked my listed kinks.

I replied back and he emailed me some pictures. He is handsome. We had a two-hour phone conversation and have a date set.

There is more.  The second Faraway lover reached out and wants to meet. A guy I met three years ago who obviously doesn’t remember my crazy rant when he was messaging me and a friend at the same time [Sidebar: I am horrified reading that post again and seeing how I reacted to him – it just goes to show how much progress I’ve made], messaged me on a sex club site and wanted to talk about our now shared sexual explorations.

And yet another guy from the past.

Alan texted again and is asking to meet.

I had a crazy hot text exchange with a former colleague.

The Comedian and I are talking again, at his initiation.

I actually think I’m forgetting someone.

So yeah, all that to say, this bounce is really high.

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  1. Wow, when you bounce you REALLY bounce! Good luck keeping track of all of them, I would have to put them in a spreadsheet. 😉 Enjoy!

  2. Go you! I am still licking my wounds and trying not to dwell on “what if” ‘s. I think if I had even half the options you do, I would be a little better still! Have fun!

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