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The coffee date flirtatious follow-up

I bounced up my stairs and got my stuff together for work. We had an awesome text exchange throughout the day, and I think the best thing is to just share it verbatim. My texts are inΒ Italics.


It was a pleasure meeting you! (I really wanted to kiss you goodbye, BTW).

Think about the anticipation for our next date. I did and do too, BTW.

Oh indeed. And I’m glad to hear it!


Now I wished I kissed you. Lol.

lol. Glad you came around to that conclusion.

Sometimes my mind gets so focused on what the next thing is I forget about the moment. Only happens during the business day though.

Well if was good, you would have been really late.

When we approached your place some things did cross my mind.

Oh? Do tell!


I should probably tell you – if you’re considering editing what thoughts were, you don’t have to πŸ™‚

My thoughts can be rather naughty and sometimes not even tender. Only sometimes.

Perfect. Hence why I told you, you don’t have to edit.Β 

Which side do you prefer, d or s?

I’m definitely submissive, but only when it comes to the physical.

Good. I’m not submissive in any way. At least in the physical sense. Yes, I understand a bit of your strong personality. Its attractive.

I would have said ‘only in the bedroom’ but that sounds so limiting lol. Many men misunderstand submission. It is earned, not instant. Its a tendency not an absolute. And I don’t like to be bossed around πŸ™‚

I don’t like bossing anybody around. I’m not overly knowledgeable but I’m open minded and I do like to control bedroom activities…. Now I’m turned on what have you done… lol.

I’m not sure I’m overly knowledgeable but I guess my horizons have been expanded in the lat 4 years. I’m a curious sort so have tried lots of things.Β 

I just can’t hit someone in the face. I just can’t do it. On the ass, for sure.

Good lord. If a man hit my face I’d probably punch him back. It’s really about who takes control. And I won’t apologize for your current state of being turned on πŸ™‚

Don’t I love it. Lets just say I’m a 90/10 kind of guy, I will relinquish control some of the time. Enough talk about this, I’m turned on and would prefer my actions do the talking.


Can you carve out some time for us to get together this weekend?

Absolutely. I’m free Sat night.

Perfect. Now you aren’t. Will figure something out. Let me know if there is something you really want to do. Not like flying to NYC for the night. Otherwise I’ll figure it out.


Later he checked in with me about how a big meeting went, and when I told him how badly it went he asked if I wanted a hug. I told him I’d rather have a hot make out session. It resulted in some banter and then he said:

Kissing is the most passionate form of sexual activity. Its a huge part of why my ex and I broke up or what led to the end.

I’m sorry to hear that.

Its in the past. I look to the future and this blonde I met today.

Oh yeah? What was she like?

She was a striking beauty. But more importantly, she was cool, someone I want to hang out and have sex with. The best of all worlds.

That fishing for a compliment exceeded my expectations. Thank you for the huge smile you put on my face. (I thought you were pretty great too)

I only speak from the heart and other areas…. I am a man after all. And the weaker sex in so many ways.


I have to say, this is exactly the kind of banter I love. A balance between flirtatious, saucy, and respectful. I amΒ reallyΒ looking forward to Saturday night.

Image from the 1940 movie “The Philadelphia Story”

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  1. I can’t wait for the play by play….without a break between periods. (I couldn’t think of a relevant mountaineering reference.)

  2. I agree with you about the importance of being able to communicate outside of face to face. So many are so bad at it. Being good at conversation both in person and by text is a sign of chemistry and intelligence. It’s already 5:30. No post about last night yet?

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