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A dinner date for my history book: Part 3

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It didn’t take long after sitting on my couch before we started kissing again. We’d had almost four hours of talking and there was no need for any more.

Luxuriating in a kiss is truly one of life’s great pleasures. There’s a time and place for moving quickly, but this wasn’t one of them. Jack and I had amazing kissing chemistry. I’m a responsive lover: I will often match someone’s pace and style, which is likely why I’m told I’m an great kisser. In this case, we were already well matched.

Jack was slow to take things further. This was not a five-minutes-of-kissing-then-shove-a-hand-down-my-pants experience. He took his time to explore.

He was good with his hands. There was the holding of the back of my neck, the firm hand on my hips and my bicep. 

I’m a bit stuck how to describe his sensuality. I’m trying to not compare him to a certain someone who has had over two years to get to know me and my body. Jack’s instincts matched my desires. If I had the words, I would describe something from the hottest seduction scenes from a movie. It was slow and measured. There were deep kisses and deep breaths. He inhaled my scent.

And when I couldn’t bear it anymore, I straddled him on the couch to feel more. His hardness excited me. He put his hands on my hips to guide my pelvis to move back and forth on him, but somehow it wasn’t a crude motion. Dry humping doesn’t do it justice. I concluded our sex was going to be very good.

He told me to unbutton his shirt and I inwardly admired his fuzzy chest. Just like I like it to be. He’s broad shouldered with thick wiry forearms and strong hands.

We must have been on my couch for an hour. I really, really wanted to have sex with him. But of course the internal dialogue kicks in and the debate of whether that is a relationship-limiting move. I didn’t think it would be the case with him, so I said, my voice laced with lust, “what do you think about coming upstairs with me?”.

“Ann, I was leaving that decision up to you. I will follow your lead on this one.”

“I see. Well if it was your decision?”

“Let’s go upstairs.”

He didn’t leave my bedroom until 3am.

I loved how he moved and how we moved together. He took his time. He explored. He took charge. It was quite possibly the most sensual first sex I’d ever had.

He bit my shoulder – not because I asked – and I was amazed that one of my most favorite Tony moves was a natural thing for Jack. The things he did to me, I liked.

I felt goddamn amazing.

We had two rounds, which was unexpected. But after the first, we got to talking about rough vs tender sex and he said for a first time, he wanted to start with tender and sensual. I said “You are incredibly sensual, but wouldn’t mind experiencing the rough.”

He told me to roll over onto my stomach. He pushed my thighs apart and his cock into me. He put his full weight on me and bit the back of my neck (I told him I loved that). He demonstrated his dominance and his control.

It was hot.

There is so much more I could write about exactly how things went down that night, but suffice it to say it was epic.

Except for the no orgasm part. I felt amazing for hours but despite a very hard and girthy cock (hooray!), his length and positions just didn’t quite make it happen for me. But I know its just a matter of time and practice.

And I really do hope we get more practice.

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  1. Ann, I know it’s off topic but I have to share.

    Last night I started writing an email to you. I wanted to ask if you could add an audio file to one of your posts. I knew I would love to hear the voice that goes along with your story, and I’m sure others would, also. I got tired saved what I had and went to bed. I just got home, opened it to continue, but wanted to check Twitter for the news of the day…. there, the second item in my feed is your tweet about your interview with Tantra Punk!!!! I didn’t even have to ask!!! 🙂

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