He opened his eyes

He opened his eyes.

After a weekend with our respective children, Jack and I had a date. It’s a blossoming early relationship.

Midway through the day, we connected to finalize plans. He told me he was sorry but he wasn’t going to see me as early as expected: he had to go to the hospital to visit his parent. It was going to be 9 pm before he would arrive.

I was disappointed but obviously understood a critically ill parent took precedence, especially given he hadn’t been able to visit for a few days due to his move. I asked him what he wanted to do and he said he wanted to go for a late bite to eat, have a drink, and go back to my place. Deal.

My time passed quickly. I had work to do, I dealt with some personal stuff, and talked to Hy on the phone twice – first to make some plans for an upcoming visit, and next to listen to her process the response she’d just received from TN.

Jack said he’d call when he was on his way. I saw his call but couldn’t answer because I was on the phone with Hy, so texted I was on my balcony and he should just come in when he arrived. My door opened one minute later. I took Hy off speaker and gave him a kiss.

After hanging up we kissed some more. He talked about how tired he was but declined my offer to just stay in. We walked hand in hand to a local pub with a patio to take advantage of the warm weather. I liked that he grabbed my hand to hold it as if we’d done it 100 times.

The place I chose was short on ambiance but I wanted to look up to the sky. We ordered drinks and food and talked. He’d finalized the financial payout with his ex-girlfriend, which was worthy of champagne. I had wanted to toast him when he showed up at my place, but he didn’t say it was done and I didn’t want to ask. I knew he was tired when he said he thought he’d already told me.

We got to talking about his ex-girlfriend. Given a few interactions he disclosed (for example, the day he moved out she texted just to say he had taken a can of olive oil that was hers, and he hadn’t – to me it seemed like a bullshit reason to reach out) I challenged him on his early statements that she was completely resolved to be over. We then both of us realized we didn’t want to be talking about her and him, and before his final comment reiterating his point of view, he said “Ann, this is the last thing I will say tonight about her. I’m here with you. That’s what I’m interested in.”

It was another good date. I’m enjoying getting to know him. He is a strong personality, so he stands up for himself intellectually. He finds my strength and intelligence a turn-on. He’s a little bit bossy and crusty at times, but he’s a lifetime salesman so he’s got that magic ability to engage and connect.

He makes me laugh. He makes my insides do funny things when he looks at me.

And you know what? It turns out, he listens.

We went back to my place and it wasn’t long before we went upstairs to my bedroom. I went to pee and came out just to find he’d already taken off his shirt. “Was that presumptuous?” he said, laughing.

I told him it denied me the pleasure of taking it off myself. He said he was glad I didn’t do the same because he wanted the pleasure for himself. Sold.

Once he relieved me of the burdens of my clothing I got down on my knees to show his cock some love. His guttural noises pleased me, as did the feeling of his girth in my mouth. He pulled me up and steered me to my bed.

He put his mouth on my breast and his hand between my legs. I found myself wondering if his ex-girlfriend had a shallow vaginal canal because he doesn’t go as deep as I like. All in good time. I’m pacing myself on the feedback I give him.

When he finally entered me – such a delicious feeling of girth – and we moved together, I noticed he was watching me. This time, unlike the prior few times, his eyes were open most of the time. I didn’t say anything about it but moving on top of me he said: “Hey, I doΒ listen”.

He had listened to my drunken ramblings, heard my questions about how it made me feel, and acted accordingly.

And really, what else can I ask for?

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  1. Been a long time since I’ve had a man that can make my insides do funny things when he looks at me.
    You’re so lucky Ann!
    So very happy for you dear! XO!
    And yes I was thinking the same thing about why he may have kept his eyes closed. Out of pure habit with his ex I am inclined to think this too.

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