A 21-hour date wasn’t enough.

Jack and I had an overnight date planned – a late dinner one night, and a midday sporting double date the next.

He had a hospital visit after work so arrived around 8 pm. I said I’d be fine to stay in if he preferred, but he insisted he wanted to go out. Beer and wine in hand we chilled and chatted on my couch. As he started to relax and come down after his crazy 10 days he decided he’d rather order in. It was fine by me.

I can’t even remember all of the things we talked about. Our day-to-day lives, work, politics, relationship. It continues to flow so easily with him.

I called my favorite sushi place and was stunned when they told me they were closed for delivery: it was already 9:45 pm. I never eat that late but we ordered from a place he knew. We kissed a little. Okay, maybe a lot. It hasn’t lost its appeal.

He’s not a big drinker but he brought a few beers from his favorite local microbrewery. He commented more than once that night that he hadn’t been that relaxed in days, and perhaps in the prior six months since he ended his past relationship. I was very pleased.

I pride myself on being a good host. With the men I’m dating, I want both me and my home to be a source of refuge and relaxation instead of stress. After all, why would you want to be around someone fussy and high maintenance and demanding and stressful? It also means when I do have my moments, it’s the exception.

We had an amazing evening. Fuelled by sushi and alcohol (just enough to be tipsy but not messy), our extended makeout session was great and the sex was even better. He is still losing his erection at times but I managed to bring it back. The positions are getting more creative and we are learning what each other likes.

Lying together entwined after sex, I told him I like how his eyes sparkle. He replied it’s a reflection of who is looking at him. He hasn’t known his eyes to sparkle for a long time, he said, maybe even since high school.

It was a very nice compliment.

I really like his face. I know that may sound strange, but I find him very attractive. There is something the way his eyes crinkle when he smiles, and the way he looks at me. I dig him. As my friend Katherine used to say, date someone who you just want to “eat up”. It’s exactly how I feel.

I was curious how we would sleep together and the answer is, pretty well. He snores (he disclosed it prior) but it didn’t bother me. Although his first snore startled me out of sleep as I was drifting off. We didn’t sleep the whole night wrapped together, but did reach out on occasion to touch. I liked it.

He asked me what time I usually woke up in the morning and we negotiated the rules of engagement. He asked if he was sleeping that I not wake him up before 10 am. I told him if he woke up before me, he was welcome to wake me up with sex, even if we went back to sleep afterward.

Earlier that week, I’d asked him what he normally ate for breakfast, and was sure to have it on hand. I’m just that kind of host.

Our morning was intimate and comfortable. Yes, there was morning sex. But it wasn’t about the sex. I learned about how he liked his tea. He sat at my kitchen island and updated his fantasy baseball picks. I made him breakfast. We had sex again before we got ready for the game. I really wanted to stay in bed with him the entire afternoon.

Our double date was fun. He showed the right amount of interest in my friend and her date. Sitting side by side, we held hands or touched almost the entire time. My friend commented later she could tell I was smitten and she knew why. 

I realized we’d spent 21 hours together and I wasn’t desperate to be alone. There aren’t many men who I can say that about. I could have spent more time with Jack. I wanted to spend more time with Jack.

I’m pretty sure my eyes were sparkling as well.

21 thoughts on “A 21-hour date wasn’t enough.

  1. This sounds really good. I hope things get even better and evolve in the right direction whatever that might entail.

  2. Ahh Ann! Maybe is my all over the place hormones causing my reaction, but I got a case of the warm fuzzies and happy tears for you while reading this.
    I long for this type of connection again one day, and I will find it in due time.
    So very happy that you have dear.

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